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  1. Hamilton Motorcycle Club Winter Series Round 1

    Racing in winter is usually an exercise in patience punctuated by sudden bursts of frantic tyre changing, but the first round of the Hamilton Motorcycle Club Winter Series was much more relaxed than most.

    The weather during the week had been absolute crap with weather warnings and road closures all over the place and, unfortunately, a funeral. Due to the unexpected nature of the funeral I was going to have to get the bike ready on Saturday ...
  2. Wellington Marathon

    Leading up to today's marathon, the weather was going to clear and be good, then it was wasn't, then we had the worst storm in over twenty years, reputedly worse than the Wahine Disaster storm of 1968 no less, and it was unlikely to be very nice at all, but as we headed home from a party at 2230 last, it seemed that the rain had ceased, the temp had dipped to 3, but it had definitely stopped raining. That actually raised more concerns for me though, because the water on the ground was more likely ...
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  3. Honda cbr 900 rr v 1997 .

    Hi brought of trademe .was after
    one b4 brought vfr 750.
    read about got years ,missed out yellow one year or more ago
    was striped fairings. Lights
    etc some fairing damage.
    looked good though.
  4. A sort of Comparison: 1Tonne Modular helmet vs SHOEI Raid II

    I call this a "sort of" comparison, because the 2 helmets are quite dissimilar. However, I had my hands on both and thought it an interesting comparison between a $160 helmet and a $500 ish helmet.

    The 1Tonne modular helmet is my own, and I have been using it for about 2 years. The Shoei Raid is a friend who was unable to use it, so I thought I would test it out and see if I needed to upgrade. So.. my impressions were these:

    - service is good.
    - helmet ...
  5. Winter Pootling

    When I went to fill today, I noted that it's been a month since my last visit to the pumps....and it still had a quarter of a wonder I've been feeling a bit twitchy due to withdrawal symptoms!! Apart from a photo shoot a few weeks ago, I've only managed a bit of round-town riding, so with my next scheduled ride being for tomorrow, I had a quick look at the weather forecast, spotted that it appears to include 'Red Rain' (potentially 50+mm in a 12 hour period), then decided to ...
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  6. East Cape 2.0: sometimes I go back

    Not having anything planned for Queen's Birthday weekend I decided to go back to East Cape and finish what I started last month - this time head from Opotiki to Gisborne through the Waioeka gorge, then up the coast to Te Araroa and back around to Opotiki via the road already travelled - not sure why but I wanted to complete the East Cape 'loop' .

    The gorge was probably the main reason. When I was a kid I used to tag along with my Dad in the school holidays as he drove all over the ...
  7. Missing GPZ900r's

    Hello fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

    If possible I would like the assistance of my fellow motorcycle fraternity, in Auckland in particular.

    Purchased two Kawasaki GPZ 900r's on trade me from a bloke called Jason Moffat from Grey Lynn that were paid for on the 18th of April. Have had problems getting in touch with vendor for over a month and am out of pocket with no bikes to show for it. Expected a little better from a fellow motorcyclist. If you know Jason Moffat could ...

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  8. Insurance assistance

    Advice needed: Heading to work Friday morning in the right lane of a motorway when a guy indicates pulls out of stationary traffic in his Holden Senator. I brake but can't stop and take evasive action into the concrete median Barrier (80cm high). I walk away bruised with a broken rib and a damaged bike, and torn Gear (They did their job perfectly). My bike is uninsured, I didn't touch his car...we exchanged details and there was a witness, but no police involvement (I filed the other drivers version ...
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