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  1. Ten bloody years!

    Ten years on KB! Where did it go?

    Having marked previous KB milestones with a post I thought I might do so again. Didn't want to revisit the same things I'd written about previously so thought this time I'd write about the bikes.

    I don't consider myself a “born again” rider in that I've owned at least one bike in every decade since the early sixties but the gap between my BMW of the nineties was starting to lengthen. Initially I wasn't attracted to the Hornet 919 ...
  2. Stand for a single sided swingarm Ducati

    Hi guys, I recently became the proud owner of a 2010 monster S2R, great bike and I am loving it but servicing the chain/sprockets or even removing the rear wheel is proving to be a bit of a problem. After looking at what is available I have come to the conclusion that the 'Pit Bull Hybrid Stand' is what I need, problem is none in NZ stocks it and it will cost a small fortune to get shipped from the US. I have had some fitting/welding experience as well as many years as a mechanic (in a previous ...
  3. fun with rear tires on front wheel supermoto offroad @_O

    Thought i'd try out what others have done overseas, put some kenda k270's onto the drz400SM rims --- couldnt break the bead myself so had Botany Honda do it, they did a great job.

    offroad (rutty clay on construction sites) they performed great, front is a bit sketchy but the drz seems to climb over some pretty gnarly terrain with them on

    Onroad they're great, able to cruise at 100kph with no worries, tight corners ...
    Personal entry
  4. KSS Rocks!

    Another day, another dollar!.....ummm......yeah, nah.......I had the day off and spent nearly three grand!!

    There was a time I would have been ecstatic to be riding a $3K bike but we nearly spend that on decent riding gear these days and today I spent that much making improvements that probably won't do anything to the value of the bike.

    At the beginning of this year I was chatting with Andrew Templeton at a Capital Coast Conehead session and he mentioned how rapt he ...
  5. 2014 c1kc

    Another day in the saddle started just after 0500, a quick scrub, kit-up, the bike and car were already packed and we were on the road to Caltex Rimutaka by 0545 for the start of the 8th Capital 1.000km Cruise. We pulled in to the forecourt a little earlier than usual, at 0610, and there were already more than half a dozen punters eagerly awaiting to check-in and depart, so I gassed up then assisted Ann to get her table and chair set-up, the rider list and strips of yellow and black (Resene) tape ...
  6. Yamaha Industrial equipment installation in Chicago

    Any installer company has more than a century of experience developing bearings and related products that reduce friction, improve efficiency and minimize customer maintenance. Our advancements in bearing design, quality and materials create a customer advantage we call “power density.” This means we are increasing bearing load carrying capability, enabling a smaller bearing to carry the same load for the same predicted life as a previously larger one. Power density gives equipment designers greater ...
  7. warrant of fitnesses for your bikes

    Hi Guys and Gals
    It has taken us awhile but we are now doing Wofs for motorcycles in Drury.
    So pop in next time you are passing or simply need an excuse for a ride out to Drury and we will hook you up with a great deal.
    We can service your ride as well, while U wait
  8. BMW GS Experience

    The GS Experience started last year in Australia as a way to give customers a better understanding of what GS bikes could do both on and off road. It's run by BMW Motorad Australia and held in three States over the course of the year. You can book up to two time slots on any two bikes from the GS range. Light refreshments are also provided, along with a t-shirt, all for $49AUD. It provided just the excuse I needed to head back to Melbourne.

    The Melbourne event is run from the Toolangi ...
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