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  1. 1st of Winter

    I wasn't planning to ride this weekend as I'm flying solo at work for the next three months and figured I'd have plenty to do, but when I saw the weather was to be brilliant all weekend, I just couldn't help myself.

    The programmed Ulysses ride was a short/social jobby starting from Plimmerton, up to Foxton for lunch and on to Himatangi Wines, which isn't really much of a ride but one does always have to get home I guess!?

    With the late decision to go, I didn't get a ...
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  2. Hamilton MCC Winter Series Round 1 @ Hampton Downs


    Seems like it's been ages since I was last racing but it's actually only been 5 weeks. The summer was quite hectic as I was either racing, working on the bike to go racing or organsing the rest of life around race meetings, so the end of summer was a quite a relief. The sudden halt of everything to do with racing made the break feel like I'd been away from my bike for months and this made getting the bike ready a chore instead ...
  3. Route 52 In Late Autumn

    I had a couple of ride options for today with there being rides for IAM and Ulysses, but since the Uly ride was a decent one up to Dannevirke, I went for that one.

    Having fitted a Pilot Road 4 GT to the rear a couple of weeks back, this would be a good day to test it as I've only managed a bit of round-town riding, so I checked the tyres (needed 6psi in the rear) and washed the bike yesterday, as well as cleaning up and programming the GPS.

    I got up at 0815, scrubbed, ...
  4. Whew...I finally slipped one in!

    What a dry patch! My last blog and therefore my last ride was the TT2000 at the end of Feb.

    Not to say that the bike has been sitting in the garage all that time as there has been a bit of round-town stuff and of course there was the Capital Coast Conehead sessions on Wednesday nights through to Daylight savings. That was great fun, especially when Andrew would bring the GN125 along for us to practice for the Grand Ginny Challenge (Gymkhana event aimed to sort the men from the girls ...
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  5. Te Anau - Auckland road trip and advises

    I'm new in this site. My name is Michele and I came from Italy to work in Te Anau as a Pizza Chef.
    I bought a BMW R1150GS in New Zealand to travel all around your beautiful country.
    I'm on my own and I wuold love to meet biker during my next trip from TE ANAU to AUCKLAND. I wish to find friends and share my experience with you and in case even a couch to sleep.

    My joorney will star this May the 5th. I'll probably take the west coast to Nelson, stop in Wellington ...
  6. SherpDerp + 6R License

    replaced the cracked and leaking rear brake reservoir, hose and clamps to the master cylinder (no more brake fluid slowly dripping down the swingarm onto the rear tire now just a valve cover / valve clearance to do at some point.

    also acquired my 6R today on the little beast
    Personal entry
  7. AMCC Round 6 @ Hampton Downs


    For the last couple of months it feels like I've been doing nothing but racing. Since 15th February I've done 5 events. Not many really but my wife hasn't been seeing me much on the weekends because even when I wasn't at the track I'd be fiddling with my bike. So the end of summer racing matches up with the AMCC round 6 quite nicely. After this event I get to have a rest for a while as I'm only doing the Hamilton MCC Winter Series, ...
  8. Kaiaua ride

    Nice day for a ride to Kaiaua

    Mataharu/Ohinewhi Road had just been graded to a pretty nasty camber which made for a more cautious ride over the Hapuakohe Range.

    Came across a MX day on Coxhead Rd in a recently cut Maize paddock. Stopped for a quick look, thought about doing a lap but the Shinko 700 isn't really designed for that + im a stingy bugger and didnt want to let go of some coin (basicly just scared)

    On to the East Coast Rd aka ...
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