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  1. BRM Pacific Club Summer Series Round 4 @ Taupo


    I'd been looking at the weather reports and it looked like the Friday & Saturday track days at Taupo were going to be wet. That and the fact I'd been horribly ill so I hadn't even been near my bike for nearly 2 months and had lost any sort of fitness I ever had meant that riding 3 days in a row would probably be a bad thing. For those reasons I took a day of annual leave and headed to Taupo on the Wednesday for the open test day ...
  2. NZ tour dates revised 10th Feb 2014

    Please follow the link to the latest event listings.

    Look forward to helping many riders gain a lot of knowledge and become better riders as a result.
  3. Senior Kiwi in Central America part 5


    My trip in Central America is nearly over. I just have a little over 300km to ride from El Tunco back to Guatemala City via Antigua.

    In three months , the Suzuki 125 and I travelled 6000km through five countries - Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and the only problems were self inflicted when I fell off the bike and broke the clutch lever and the gear shift. I bodged a fix and a local mechanic made a permanent job. Cost $10. ...
  4. Snakes Are Cool Man!

    It's been awhile since I blogged about my mate Jake and his sisters Eleni-Mei and Sienna. I guess that's because they live in Canada now, so they don't tend to 'swing past' the office anymore and it's a bit of haul and much organising required if we were to do the the baby-sitting bottom line, we haven't seen them for two years!

    However, two things transpired to bring the Chueys back to EnZed, their Uncle Joe got married this weekend and the Wellington 7's bought the Canada ...
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  5. Dave Moss 2014 Tour dates in NZ - updates Jan 13th

    As of January 13th, this is the itinerary as it stands and there have been changes since the Jan 9th posting. This is subject to change but there will be only a couple of changes potentially made. Scroll to the bottom for Auckland information.

    Updated 14th January 2014 at 07:12 by davemosstuning (updates)

  6. Senior Kiwi in Central America part 4

    El Cuco to Leon

    I left El Cuco before the bands got tuned up for the day. It is just over 100km to the Honduras border and having heard horrific tales of the difficulty of crossing the border due to the rapaciousness of the border touts, I wanted to arrive fresh , hydrated and with the right sense of bemusement.

    I neednít have worried. The little Suzuki flew under the helperís radar. I could see them poised at the side of the road to the border, sun glinting from ...
  7. 2013: The year that was

    It seems many do these blogs looking back on the year, and I sometimes wonder why, but then, given my lull in recent blogging (which some have touched on, on rare occasions) I figured it would probably be a good way of catching up a whole year in one hit as the year was different to the previous ones for various reasons

    January was some event riding, an Ironman in Auckland and my first Cycle Classic based in Palmerston North, which was an eye opener, as there was a pack of cyclists ...
  8. 2013 In Retrospect

    Another quicky done and dusted!

    In terms of Forest Gumpís Mumís Lifeís-Like-a-Box-of-Chocolates Theory, I think this yearís box had more of those fudgy, truffly, cherry-ripey yukky ones rather than the Turkish-delighty, strawberry-creamy, chewy-chewy-caramelly Mmmmmm ones.

    For starters, it canít have been a very good year because Iíve only managed to do 15-16,000Km Ö.pfft, how bad is that?!

    Both of Annís parents died this year so thatís been pretty tough, ...
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