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  1. Junipers Guide to Commuting 101....


    So I class myself as a not too bad commuter, this means that I have not had a crash yet and when I do it will be impressive.

    A thread came up a while ago where I posted some of the tips I have about lane splitting and commuting in general, and surprisingly enough I got a green rep from someone I didn't expect. So to push my luck even further I thought I would write up my tips, tricks and advice on commuting here. Particularly because I keep breaking ...
  2. Coast to Coast Part Three.

    Here we go again.

    Coast to Coast Part Three.

    After visiting where Mokai used to exist, I was on Poihipi road. This is ‘ big bike ‘ country. Most riders take this route through to the Western Bay Access road, then up to Whakamaru. I turned off into Kaahu road. This fairly much runs parallel with the Western Bay road. It is a slower road which climbs and goes around hills more so than the better known route. This had been resealed recently and was in good condition. ...
  3. Coast to Coast Part 2.

    Coast to Coast part two.

    As I left West Bank road I crossed the bridge and turned into East Bank road. Fuelling up at Edgecumbe, I was asked about the scooter. When I told the lady where I had come from and done she looked at me and said “ Fuck man, you must be fuckin crazy”. She was obviously educated in Edgecumbe.

    My original plan had been to head off down through Murupara and back up to the Waititi valley. By this time I had been 24 hours without any sleep to ...

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  4. My Coast to Coast ride.

    My Coast to Coast.

    This was going to be a ride to photograph the sunrise off the east coast, then photograph the sun setting off the west coast at the end of the day. The end didn’t work out quite that way for reasons I’ll explain later.
    I had wanted to do a night ride on the scooter, and as I had to be on the east coast before dawn this worked out for me.
    At midnight I pushed Buggsy out the front gate and we were off. First the back road to Lemmington, then up Maungatautari ...
  5. Kawhia to Raglan.

    Kawhia to Raglan.

    I had been thinking about a ride a bit more challenging than the usual roads. The coastal roads from Kawhia to Raglan were roads that I had not travelled at all. Riding them on a scooter would be an interesting angle.

    So this morning Buggsy and I fueled up, him with gas, me with food and drink. Out past Pirongia we took a right at the Ngutunui school and climbed up Pekanui road. Since my last blast up this road, there have been a number of corners ...
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  6. super sherpa story

    recently picked up a 1998 kawasaki super sherpa (KL250-H2) with approx 9500KM on it, a fair bit of rust on the muffler/join clamp and some rust on nearly all bolt heads and some on the frame frame

    the previous owner(s) have stripped the threads in the crank case? for the oil drain bolt, and I received the bike on very low oil with a whole lot of locktite sludge around the bolt holding it in. still the bike started fine. the air ...
  7. Senior Kiwi in Central America


    I am now in Guatemala, the starting point for a three month motorbike tour of Central America.

    Why Central America? Well I want to learn Spanish. It is a culture I have never experienced and it is small and diverse enough to be interesting and package into the three month window I have available without busting a gut. It caters superbly for my off bike activities of diving and boogie boarding. I want to do the trip on a local bike and Guatemala ...
  8. 2013 c1kc

    Another bloody marvelous day.....Bloody Marvelous!!

    Prep for this year's C1KC started straight after last year's one, when, although I had a couple of potential routes, I was doodling on MapSource (as you do) to see just how far we could get from Wellington, ...without doing an out and return, ...and still be a reasonably interesting route to ride. I was hoping to touch Tauranga but had to settle for Rotorua-Putaruru, so I ran the options past my old Wgtn Uly Ride Committee buddies, ...

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