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  1. Bikes out of Aus

    I'm based in Brisbane & Mannheim have auctions regularly for bikes
    Anyone want anything checked out, let me know
    I can also organise shipping but bikes must be able to be ridden on the ship
    I've been around bikes for a while & the car here only gets used for grocery shopping
    I can also supply Metalgear brake parts & Esjot sprockets direct
  2. More Prepping

    Last week was my last big prep ride for the North Island 1600, but I've had another busy week including a couple more rides.

    On Thurday I had a seminar to go to in Palmy, so naturally, I had to go on the bike even though the weather was looking to be fact, I needed to go on the bike because the weather was marginal. I hadn't looked at the bike since dragging myself off it on Sunday and although I knew the front tyre was getting down, I was surprised to see how quick ...
  3. Super Sherp out - DRZ in

    sold the little green tractor and picked up an as new, 2013 DRZ400SM from an guy who rode it for 1900km then put it in the shed for 8 months

    anyway, first few rides, bike is riding great, supermoto wheels are amazingly sticky, Stock tank was getting about 140KM of spirited riding before going to reserve which was not enough so the first of many mods to bring the bike to a more offroad/adventury style ride : Safari 17L tank

    Personal entry
  4. Riding In The Rain...and Cold....and Night (must be Spring madness)

    I had the bike serviced last week and also now have a pair of Z8's waiting to fit. The Z8 on the front had about 9,000km on it with perhaps 2-3.000km left and the PR4 on the rear only has 3,000km on it. However Having decided to replace both prior to the North Island 1600, I needed to rack-up some km to chew out the front and wear as much as possible on the rear.

    Having done 3 conditioning rides of 375, 740 & 490 km, I wanted to do at least one more of about 1,000km, whatever ...
  5. How does everyone else keep their bike safe?

    I recently had my bike stolen from me…. It had no w.o.f. or registration but looked like it did have no idea what happened between when it left the property and when I found it (was down the road in a concrete sewer pipe in one of the local park's) Anyway Now I have it back I have started to strip it down. Will be getting her ready for w.o.f. and ergo but while she's in pieces I have decided to paint everything…. so out came engine paint exhaust paint wheels are going to be sent off to be powder ...
  6. I guess I'm a Z8 Kinda Guy!

    I wasn't planning on a ride today but I ran into Woody yesterday, when I was putting some air in the tyres at BP J'ville and next thing you know, we had a plan. There was a Uly ride today but because it was programmed for the Akatarawa Rd (which I think is a waste of time ride) and because I'm in more need of more kms, we decided to scoot up SH1, nip over the Fordell-Hunterville road and Vinegar Hill, have a spot of lunch in Ashhurst and make our way home.

    Since we were embarking ...
  7. Hamilton MCC Round 3 @ Hampton Downs

    The first two rounds of the Hamilton MCC Arai Winter Series had been great. I'd gotten my first pole position and had some really good results, but I'd also had a DNF in the rain when I withdrew and the points were getting really close. Nathan Jane and I were going to be battling it out for second place in the championship, with first all but wrapped up by Greg Smith if he turned up.

    For the last round I'd run out of tyres and ...
  8. It's just a Bulb!

    In a past life (my 2nd of the current one – or chapter 2 perhaps), I was an Aircraft Electrician in the RNZAF, and eventually they told me I was an Avionic Technician. Big deal, I worked on batteries, power generation, distribution and regulation, all sorts of motors used for all sorts of purposes and lighting systems. I changed bulbs on teeny weeny lights that lit up gauges and instrument panels, on small lights that lit up other bits and bobs in cockpits, on still and flashy flashing Nav Lights, ...
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