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  1. senior kiwi in central america blog 3

    It is security gone mad

    I have now been in Central America for a month. When I first said I was coming here to ride a local bike, there were sharp intakes of breath and comments that I should buy a gun and “learn how to use it “

    Admittedly , I have only visited two countries to date but I haven’t felt any real security concerns. The police and military have a strong presence, I tend to stay in at night and only ride during the day.

    Having said that ...
  2. Honda cbr250rr modifications

    Hey am just enquiring into what if any modifications can be made to this bike to give it a bit more power without making the bike unreliable thanks.
  3. 2014 dave Moss Tuning Tour of NZ

    The tour starts Jan 25th and ends March 3rd. There will be classes and seminars in several NZ cities including both Islands during this time span. Most of those events are already set.

    If you are nterested in hosting an event with your club, track day friends or race group? Contact "Super Sonic" on the forum or email him at

    We are also looking at putting on our own track school for suspension tuning skills, and the same school but a ...
  4. Motorcycle Apprenticeship – Live the Dream

    Airport Oaks

    Honda is a company built on the power of dreams; put simply, Honda is passionate about improving on perfection and creating the benchmark that others try to emulate. Blue Wing Honda Ltd is the exclusive importer and distributor of Honda motorcycles; additionally distributing Honda power equipment and marine product in New Zealand. This is a market driven organisation, motivated by excellence, with a wealth of knowledge in all spheres of the industry.

  5. Senior Kiwi in Central America


    I had learned enough Spanish in two weeks to get me into trouble. The time flew by, but I suspect not for my teacher, Byron. He was patient, we sorted out some minor bureaucratic issues with the bike, bought tools, a puncture repair kit and planned a route through Guatemala as he hammered home irregular verbs. How many people can say they were taught Spanish by Byron?

    The first weekend break, I took a trial run to Lago Atitlan. The main town ...
  6. Junipers Guide to Commuting 101....


    So I class myself as a not too bad commuter, this means that I have not had a crash yet and when I do it will be impressive.

    A thread came up a while ago where I posted some of the tips I have about lane splitting and commuting in general, and surprisingly enough I got a green rep from someone I didn't expect. So to push my luck even further I thought I would write up my tips, tricks and advice on commuting here. Particularly because I keep breaking ...
  7. Coast to Coast Part Three.

    Here we go again.

    Coast to Coast Part Three.

    After visiting where Mokai used to exist, I was on Poihipi road. This is ‘ big bike ‘ country. Most riders take this route through to the Western Bay Access road, then up to Whakamaru. I turned off into Kaahu road. This fairly much runs parallel with the Western Bay road. It is a slower road which climbs and goes around hills more so than the better known route. This had been resealed recently and was in good condition. ...
  8. Coast to Coast Part 2.

    Coast to Coast part two.

    As I left West Bank road I crossed the bridge and turned into East Bank road. Fuelling up at Edgecumbe, I was asked about the scooter. When I told the lady where I had come from and done she looked at me and said “ Fuck man, you must be fuckin crazy”. She was obviously educated in Edgecumbe.

    My original plan had been to head off down through Murupara and back up to the Waititi valley. By this time I had been 24 hours without any sleep to ...

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