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  1. thompsons and grundys track

    hey guys this is my first blog so it may be a bit confusing anyway what i would like o know is where is thompsons track and grundys track in the wellington region a map would be extremely helpful and also we dont have any road legal bikes so we will have to park close to each track and is there any farmers or private lands that have to be crossed to get to these if so does anyone hav there phonenumber we are not the type of go out and destroy the land type we just go for a nice casual trail ...
  2. Make My Day Charity Ride: Bless a Child

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    Make sure you dont miss out on our 3rd Make My Day Bless a Child Charity ride.

    Where: Drury Performance Centre 257 Great South Road Drury
    When: 10am on the 10th of November 2013
    Who : Anyone who rides a bike or a trike
    Why to raise 7K and buy a special needs van for solo mother Darilyn and her disabled Daughter Kayla.

    Updated 24th August 2013 at 19:26 by Anthony Wright (New Bonus BIG BOYS TOYS)

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  3. suzuki sj50 power loss

    I hava a suzuki sj50 qt. It idles fine and goes fine, but when u reach top end like 50km it loses all power. Does anyone know the cause of this problem?
  4. The Dreaded Go Pro

    When I checked the weather for this weekend early in the week, it was supposed to utter crap, so I was preparing myself to get plenty of indoorsy projects done....but the best laid plans of mice and men!! ...I got lots of outdoorsy stuff done instead.

    Of course, along with getting some backed up jobs done, I got the associated rewards of a couple of short rides....and these in turn were jobs within themselves as I needed to do some more experimentation with how to get the best setup ...
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  5. What's the best first bike to buy and learn on?

    Hi Team
    I am excited I just got my learners Licence,this is my first blog, I am a slow starter, always wanted to ride since I was a kid, but only made real effort recently, better late then never I guess. my plan is to start on a 250 and graduate to a bigger bike as time goes by.
    Any advice on what 1st bike to look at buying, I was told to buy a GN250 because a mate said they are reliable economical, easy to ride because of the gear indicator and hard to stall, and parts a cheap and ...
  6. Wgtn Ulysses Gymkhana

    Today was another Ulysses Slow Handling event at the Riverbank Carpark and once again, as well as the usual spread of American Style enclosed courses, we set a more Japanese style competition course.

    We set three enclosed couses and two of them were set with varying expansions so a rider can ease into the swing of it at 40% oversize, then as they gain confidence step down to 25%, 10% or the standard size. Even with this easing in, unfortunately several riders were content to enjoy ...
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  7. Go Pro

    I acquired a new toy this week in the form of a Hero 3 Black Go Pro Video Camera. I didn't really know what I was getting with it, apart from the 32Gb mini SD card I ordered, so when it arrived I went back online and ordered a sunction cup mount, then started to read the instructions and check it out.

    Fortunately a few mates have these things, or have used them so a few emails to the likes of BanditRider & XP@ and I had some good info to start with.

    The ST is a pretty ...

    Updated 22nd July 2013 at 20:20 by KoroJ (Add YouTube link)

    Personal entry
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  8. Taupo Berm Buster

    had a crack at this today on a borrowed honda crf 230, to wet for me yesterday, first time on a dirt bike for about 35 years, dumped it early, smashed up some ribs and knocked all the wind out of me, but carried on. fun day with my son and his mates.
    xray confirmed 3 fractured ribs.
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