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  1. iPhone app launched

    It is with great pride that I can announce that we now have a Dave Moss Tuning phone app. It has been developed over the last few months with an enormous amount of work by several people to get the app to this stage. This is just the start, and over the next several months, content will be added on almost a daily basis and then weekly thereafter for years to come.

    It will really help further my mission in helping riders all over the world in our sport, creating more safety ...
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  2. mz

    does anybody know if you imported into NZ the old mz's of the 1970's thats the two stroke singles of 150 nd 250, I had 4 of them, all gone now, I have a honda cl400 at the moment. If anybody does know i would like to see some pictures.
    the first one i had i passed my test on it and did a 1200 mile tour on it the next week, it never missed a beat, but it was so windy i got blown off it on the m6 back from scotland, all sorted with a big hammer and screw driver.

    have a good one ...

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  3. Rides from the middle of nowhere

    We have recently moved to the Pureora Forest park and last weekend got the last of the holes in my 1986 GPZ600 petrol tank fixed so went for a ride to get some milk. 160kms later I was in a great mood that set me up all week. I headed off to Mangkino, aimed for Te Awamutu saw a sign post for Otorahonga. This took me to a T intersection so I choose to go to Ngaroma 'cause I had never been there. The ride from Mango to te Awamutu is really scenic and a good ride the turn off to Oto is still a ...
  4. Make My Day charity ride 2013

    Make My Day Charity Ride 2013
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    Where: 257 Great South Road Drury
    When: 10:00am on the 10th of November 2013
    why: To Raise 7k to purchase a special needs vehicle for solo mother Darilyn Robbie and her disabled daughter Kayla Robbie Brougham
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    How much: $20.00 per person
    What's in it for me:
    Loop Ride
    Win a set of Dunlop motorcycle tyres
    Win ...
  5. GT250R lifter or bobbins or spools

    can a gt250r have bobbins or spools fitted to the swing arm for the use of a paddock stand or do I have to use the less secure paddock stand with L brackets, also does anyone know of a bike lifter for a gt250r
  6. I Yam ACC - Waipuk'

    Since my last blog I've done a few rides but I've been as slack as Gremlin at not getting anything written up!!....again.

    Last Sunday I went for a ride with some of the local IAM I had to behave myself!? Unfortunately I needed a decent ride, but it was a bit short and I couldn't be bothered going for a bit of fang after the lunch stop, so I just slotted in with the group and came back over the hill. It was pretty windy, which wasn't much of a problem going north over the ...
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  7. It runs

    Successful day testing the ZXRD400 at Manfeild yesterday. I pushed it up pit lane a lot which lead people to believe I had problems but I was doing plug chops and it didn't roll far enough.
    It sorta, almost, nearly nipped once as it wasn't right when running off the main. Stopped once due to an electrical fault that cut power to the Ignitech. Had so help sorting that so it didn't happen again.
    We ended up changing main jets, pilot jets (thanks Murray Cross for going home and getting ...
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  8. Taotaoroa Road, Waikato's version of the dragon's tail. Or the Rimutakas.

    Having read a post on KOROJ's blog, where he linked a clip taken with a GoPro over the rimutak's, It reminded me of one I made a couple of years back on an $80 Camshot bought off one-day.

    It shows two things: technology in bike mountable movie cams has taken some good leaps forward, and, we're so fortunate here in the mighty Waikato to have some great, low traffic volume biking rooads.

    The Camshot was mounted ...
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