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    Tag o rama!

    Thread Starter: BMWST?

    Welly TAG O RAMA EDIT....CREDIT TO ADV RIDERS GARDEN STATE TAG O RAMA Rules are easy... #1 - Find the tag and reproduce the photo (as best as possible). The first person to post a found tag gets to place the next tag. If you get a tag, but somebody else posts their picture first, you lose....

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    Sidecar Racing

    Thread Starter: Fast Eddie

    Thought I'd start a thread for the sidecar scene - mainly in the South Island since thats where I am (and the North Islanders seem to have a few more people in it) But anyones included of course! We race whenever the bikes do if you haven't seen us or haven't come out to the track for a watch or...

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    Kapiti/Horowhenua Tagomania

    Thread Starter: devo

    Oki Koki Another tagorama Not to compete with, but to compliment the Welly and Manawatu games, as there appears to be a large chunk of middle ground and prospective players which is untouched and full of potential. The Rules pretty much standard , copied from the welly game with a few...

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    Shorai LFX lithium batteries

    Thread Starter: Owl

    These look really impressive! Massive weight saving too, as all models are well under 1kg. Only 2 different case sizes though, but they supply special packing material for fitting. http://www.shoraipower.com/default.aspx Who's going to be first to import one?:laugh:

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    Canterbury Wednesday Night Ride

    Thread Starter: gloplg

    Canterbury Wednesday Night Ride Meet at Burger King Moorhouse 6.00pm for departure at 6.30pm. This is not a race from point A to point B. If you want to "see how fast you can go" then please just go somewhere else. Learners are most welcome on these runs, just let the organiser know who...

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    South Auckland Street Skills

    Thread Starter: Sis

    South Auckland Street Skills or SASS After checking out NASS, I thought it would be time to try another SASS Same Rules as NASS apply South Auckland Street Skills - SASS What: Riding skills practise When: Tuesday Nights, starting on Feb 2nd 2011 Where: Meet at Shell Service Station,...

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    Regular weekend rides

    Thread Starter: yachtie10

    This is a regular ride for people who are in (or near) Auckland all are welcome the. The ride varies but has a regular following and is decided on each time by the attendees . It is not intended to be a race but we do get some fast riders (and some not so fast) You should be capable of...

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    NZ-wide pass the tag

    Thread Starter: junkmanjoe

    :scooter:......nz Wide Pass The Tag.....:scooter: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :scooter:....................the challenge......................:scooter: the first rider must be from Invercargill or close. The first picture is to be of...

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    MotoGP 2014

    Thread Starter: jellywrestler

    this season hasn't finished yet but it's close enough to start to reel in some of those rumours for 14 like is Stoner making a comeback???

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    GPS MAN-25233

    Hawke's Bay Ride Outs - is anyone there?

    Thread Starter: Night Falcon

    I've been contemplating starting this thread for while but not sure how many fellow ADV types there are in the Bay keen to catch up for the odd day tripping here and there. Maybe this thread could be used for posting some of your fravourite routes and tracks for others to check out, or just to say...

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  • Auckland's Helicopter Charity Ride is 6th March


    The Rescue Helicopter Charity Ride organised by Auckland Ulysses is on Sunday the 6th March, leaving Karaka at 10am sharp.

    For those who haven't been on it before, it is a great buzz riding with so many other bikes.

    $10,000 to $12,000 has been raised in previous years, just thru donations and the sale of t-shirts and badges.

    There are no entry fees.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Auckland's Helicopter Charity Ride is 6th March started by Sis View original post
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    1. mrmeal's Avatar
      mrmeal -
      I tried to follow the link but it needs me to register or sign in. Any chance leave location details from karaka or other venues can be added to the thread and save a million people signing up to the target site of the link? I'm keen to join and rally some other guys too, good cause!!
    1. Sis's Avatar
      Sis -
      SOrry about the pdf. I didn't realise.

      Am working on getting it to another site

    1. mrmeal's Avatar
      mrmeal -
      luuuuvely thanks!
    1. thehovel's Avatar
      thehovel -
      I hope this works Yes it works just click on the file Regards Richard
      Attachment 232414
    1. Sis's Avatar
      Sis -
      Quote Originally Posted by thehovel View Post
      I hope this works Yes it works just click on the file Regards Richard
      Attachment 232414

      I have also got it on the Ulysses and have changed the link

      See you all there
    1. mrmeal's Avatar
      mrmeal -
      thanks very Much! I see fat max has a thread on here also to get a group together to funnel their way out to Karaka, so depending on how my organisation on the morning goes that looks like a great option.
    1. UK Baz's Avatar
      UK Baz -
      how long is this ride? where does it end? is it city roads or out in the wild?
    1. mrmeal's Avatar
      mrmeal -
      Quote Originally Posted by UK Baz View Post
      how long is this ride? where does it end? is it city roads or out in the wild?
      Looks pretty much up SH1 across the bridge and into AUT campus from the flyer. With the number of bikes involved you'd really not want to complicate it too much I notice there is another event over in Devonport on the same day as well. I'm going to hit the cruise here first and maybe venture over to Devonport and drop a donation in thier charity bucket early afternoon.

      Looking forward to it. I joined the breast cancer charity ride late last year, and had a great day.
    1. caseye's Avatar
      caseye -
      Will be there with bells on, sad to say though only on the little bike this year as the big one is still in bits, only 2 really big bits now though.
    1. Sis's Avatar
      Sis -
      The Ride leaves Karaka Bloodstock Centre and travels up the motorway, using the outside lane.We start filtering across after the Victoria Overpass/New Tunnell and finally get ousrselves into the left lane for the Esmonde Road OffRamp. It is actually Akoranga Drive that we want so it is a left turn once on the Esmonde offramp.

      We have food and drinks available to the Akoranga Campus.

      And we also have a Drill Team demostration

      The Bikers and Blues Event that is on in Devonport has chosen to run their event on the same day so that you get the best of everything.

      Well worth coming along and joining in with the other bikes.

      As well as supporting the Helicopter
    1. Maha's Avatar
      Maha -
      Yip great day to attend both events.
    1. Fatt Max's Avatar
      Fatt Max -
      Quote Originally Posted by Maha View Post
      Yip great day to attend both events.
      Twill be a ripper and no mistake...
    1. hedgier1's Avatar
      hedgier1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Fatt Max View Post
      Twill be a ripper and no mistake...
      Is the ride still going to be going down Queen Street like all other years????
    1. Maha's Avatar
      Maha -
      Quote Originally Posted by hedgier1 View Post
      Is the ride still going to be going down Queen Street like all other years????
      It was only ever half of Queens st and no, not any more, so wheelies are out!
    1. Nasty's Avatar
      Nasty -
      Quote Originally Posted by Fatt Max View Post
      Twill be a ripper and no mistake...
      hmmm I will havea bike!!!!!!!!!!!! Might have to pick up Bruce to come for a ride.
    1. mrmeal's Avatar
      mrmeal -
      If the weather is anything like we have had in Auckland these last two days, we'll be sweet. fingers crossed...
    1. hellokitty's Avatar
      hellokitty -
      Quote Originally Posted by mrmeal View Post
      If the weather is anything like we have had in Auckland these last two days, we'll be sweet. fingers crossed...
      Long range forecast is for rain, but this is NZ and the forecast doesn't mean anything really... fingers crossed!
    1. hellokitty's Avatar
      hellokitty -
      looks like showers tomorrow - is this ride on regardless of weather "rain or shine"??? Such a good cause... would be a shame if the weather sucked...
    1. UK Baz's Avatar
      UK Baz -
      hope so I don't want to get wet riding South for nothing!
    1. Sis's Avatar
      Sis -
      Thanks to Everyone for the Support.
      Bike numbers were down but the money wasn't so down.

      We have some t shirts still for sale $20.00 goes directly to the Helicopter Trust.

      Please PM me if you want one

      Or a badge $10.00

      Thanks to those who were on their bikes with us today.

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