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    Tag o rama!

    Thread Starter: BMWST?

    Welly TAG O RAMA EDIT....CREDIT TO ADV RIDERS GARDEN STATE TAG O RAMA Rules are easy... #1 - Find the tag and reproduce the photo (as best as possible). The first person to post a found tag gets to place the next tag. If you get a tag, but somebody else posts their picture first, you lose....

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    ESE's works engine tuner

    Thread Starter: TZ350

    . This is Thomas a Vietnamese race mechanic, you know that place where they have all those hot 50's and 125's are big bikes. Thomas, ESE's Race Team's Tuner is fettling number 9. adjusting the port timing for Taupo. Its hard to see but he has taped a degree wheel to the magneto flywheel...

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    Laxed out rides

    Thread Starter: mister.koz

    I have seen allot of new riders on 250's and other riders who aren't so keen on racing or trying to keep up with the super sports looking for some organised rides around hamilton. I am on a zx6rr but i am looking to enjoy a relaxed ride rather than race anything. Was thinking of getting a...

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    Sidecar Racing

    Thread Starter: Fast Eddie

    Thought I'd start a thread for the sidecar scene - mainly in the South Island since thats where I am (and the North Islanders seem to have a few more people in it) But anyones included of course! We race whenever the bikes do if you haven't seen us or haven't come out to the track for a watch or...

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    South Auckland Street Skills

    Thread Starter: Sis

    South Auckland Street Skills or SASS After checking out NASS, I thought it would be time to try another SASS Same Rules as NASS apply South Auckland Street Skills - SASS What: Riding skills practise When: Tuesday Nights, starting on Feb 2nd 2011 Where: Meet at Shell Service Station,...

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    george formby-12113

    Tyre choice for adventure riding? (Mixing road and off-road)

    Thread Starter: XP@

    What are your favourite on / off road tyres? Looking for the best all rounder Bridgestone trailwings: Road: Good, Gravel (Dry) Ok, Gravel (Wet) Urrrrrgh, Mud NO WAY Continental TKC80 Road Good, Gravel Good, Mud Ok

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    MotoGP 2014

    Thread Starter: jellywrestler

    this season hasn't finished yet but it's close enough to start to reel in some of those rumours for 14 like is Stoner making a comeback???

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    Adventure pushies

    Thread Starter: NordieBoy

    Fitness training for "proper" adventure biking of course...

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    Forced induction 100cc

    Thread Starter: Sketchy_Racer

    Okay, so I was going to keep this quiet incase it turned into an epic fail, but i figured some of the jokers out there may find some interest into this. I decided a while back that I quite like the idea of forced induction, I built a 250cc turbo bike as a bit of a laugh and it's great fun...

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    Big Dog-419

    Scooters are depressing

    Thread Starter: corsaro128

    Hi all, new member here. *sad violin music* I've been riding a soul crushing Piaggio MP3 250 for 3 months racking up 7300km already. Ive had 5 motorcycles before but got this thinking I'd save some money. Now I'm selling it and buying an 08 z750 on Monday. I just can't take riding it...

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