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Thread: Fuel tank for KTM EXC - 15L or 23L?

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    Fuel tank for KTM EXC - 15L or 23L?

    Hey all,

    I just can't decide. I'm looking at the Safari tanks (15L vs 23L). I'm planning on doing this trip in Feb:

    Will the 15L suffice? I reckon from 15L I will get about 225km from this. About 345km from the 23L. This is at a guess of 15km/l. My current tank is 8L. Tanks are bloody expensive, the 23L is 715NZD + shipping+ import tax? The 15L about 472NZD + shipping+ import tax. Appears to be the best option though. Thoughts on getting the 15L and taking a 5L container for when I know I'm doing a long road, such as the Molesworth? Molesworth is only about 170km mind.

    Also, any other cool off road tracks feel free to let me know.

    Only other stuff I'm doing to the bike, is adding on a pannier rack and maybe looking at something like a wallet breaking giant loop rear bag. Or making my own out of old army packs.
    Would this entire trip be OK on a single lot of oil? I.e. i wouldn't need to change oil midway? 2007 model.


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    Big is good.
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    I like a range of 350km, anything less has been and is always a distraction to me.
    I have a nice looking slightly bigish Safari tank on my WR250R but when shopping around for it I found the option of a bigger but uglier tank I did not get. I wish I had gone with the bigger of the two now as under heavy consumption circumstances it can run a little shy of where I would like to go. In saying that the 310km I normally get out of it usually is ok, but you're talking of only having 225km range and one assumes that's under 'normal' adventure touring conditions so you will probably have to be planning around that a bit. More money I know but I use mine a lot so it is worth it to me.

    There's a really good garage in Alexandra where you can buy (arrange with them to be sure they have what you want) your oil and filters etc. and they are said to often let you do your oil change yourself right there... Two Wheels Unlimited attached to the Mobile Garage, 38 Centennial Ave, Alexandra. - a serious site for serious ADV riders, the ultimate resource in the making.
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    I bought the 15l Safari tank for my 530. It actually holds closer to 17litres. I've been checking fuel consumption pretty zealously and reckon I'm getting 20K's per Litre so about 340K's per tank. Mate has the same tank and bike and gets about same range as me. I've done a similar trip round the SI on a 990 adventure which had about 280K range and it was fine if you do a bit of planning. Looked at getting the bigger tank but it is huge on the bike - 300K range is pretty good for NZ IMO so went with the 15L.
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    You can half fill a large tank... you can't double fill a small tank

    Range all the way, also keeps you away from civilisation longer...
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    Judging by your intended route, you will not be too far from a fuel station most of the time. And you are riding an EXC so you WILL want to get off before the stock seat tears you in half. 15 litre tank will be fine. However, the large KTM tanks for 04-07 EXC's are only 13L. Maybe Acerbis do a 15 litre one?
    If you're thinking about stretching out the range a bit, then carry a spare 2litre bottle strapped to your luggage, it will get you to your next fuel up without sweating.
    IMO, the 23 litre tank is overkill, in reality, you will rarely need that extra 8 litres capacity. And I ride an EXC, so have been down this path.
    Oh, and always carry cash, farmers are quite good about chucking a couple of litres in your tank if you flash them some cash.

    If you find you run out and can still see gas in the tank, lay bike over onto it's left side, slosh all fuel from right side onto petcock side and hey, another 2 litres worth of riding.

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    Pretty much what Crazy Frog said, I have the same 450EXC and that uses about 4 .5 litres per 100kms on open trails (Tussock Buster and the like) so you should have a good range, a 5 litre can strapped on the back is all you would need extra. Hope you're good at standing up, that plank will split you in two!

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    Since I have a 25l Acerbis tank for my EXC450 I'd say go big. I've never filled it, even for the longest leg on the DB1k (270km I think). For adventure riding the large tank is never a problem. For dirt riding it is cumbersome.
    I imported mine from the US with some other stuff, so it cost about $400 then (including shipping). If that is all you are importing it is going to be expensive.

    Go Giant Loop. Expensive but much easier to ride with. I have a rack but is never holds enough and everything gets shaken about on an short EXC frame.

    Somebody mentioned you will want to get off the EXC well before gas stops. Look up something called Sweet Cheeks. Easy to make and make the EXC seat wider and comfortable.

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