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The Restricted Licence

The restricted licence is the second stage in the gradual drivers licensing system.

To apply for a restricted licence the licence holder needs to have held a learners licence for at least six months.

Practical Test

In order for a holder of a learner licence to graduate to a restricted licence they need to pass a practical test. This test is designed to access the skills and knowledge of a rider on the road to a level where they can progress to a licence with fewer restrictions. This test is important as its purpose it to ensure a learner rider can put into practice all their knowledge and skills they have learnt during their learner licence stage.

The practical test is carried out on the road worthy motorbike provided by the rider. The testing assessor drives behind the rider and gives instructions either by a one way radio and/or by indicating early in the assessor vehicle.

The practical test is a three part test that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. There is a set number of basic skills that need to be demonstrated correctly, and a simple yes or no is made on each skill. To successfully pass, the rider needs to have at least 80% of those skills met, and the rider has not broken the law in the process of the assessment.

Restricted Licence Conditions

There are several restrictions attached with a restricted motorbike license. They are a subset of the restrictions attached to a learner license.

While on a restricted licence:


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