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RRRS is a course run by BRONZ and costs $50 to $60 (depending on region) and is aimed at those who already have some riding experience and either need refresher training, are learning to ride, or are of an intermediate riding level. The course can not be used as recognition of a licence requirement.

In Auckland it is typically run on the third Sunday of the month at the Whenuapai Airforce Base. The course is also run in Otago.

The course is broken down into several parts encompassing both theory and practical exercises in riding. You will need to be riding your own motorcycle and wearing protective-riding gear, ie: helmet, jacket, full-length trousers, gloves and stout footwear.

The riding segments will start with an inspection of your bike to ensure it is up to standard. There will be exercises in motorcycle control, counter steering, including its use for cornering, as well as exercises in braking.

The non-riding segments will include theory of motorcycle control, techniques of motorcycle riding, position on the road and protective gear.

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