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  • Piper's Avatar
    Today, 08:22
    Headline : 'Another Blow For Johnny Depp'. Good. Now he knows how his missus felt. Best chat up line ever - Actually works. "Excuse me,...
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  • pritch's Avatar
    Today, 07:49
    pritch replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    Mine too. I'd like to have bought his book but I seem to recall it was too expensive at near US$500. The written version of LA Speed Check is more...
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  • pritch's Avatar
    Today, 07:34
    pritch replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    The kraken has been unleashed. Sidney Powell claims she has filed her case against the election of Joe Biden. The copies she produced though, are...
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  • Autech's Avatar
    Today, 07:10
    Autech replied to a thread MotoGP 2020 in Racing
    Also the horspower they have they can't get it to the ground as its not smooth HP. Poor coonts have been treading water for a fair few years,...
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  • SVboy's Avatar
    Today, 07:05
    SVboy replied to a thread ad - Part Triumph Street triple accessories. in Online Trading
    Bar end mirrors sold.
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  • slofox's Avatar
    Today, 05:38
    You might look at these guys. I am led to believe they know what they are doing... Just Fairings Address: 50 Te Kowhai East Road, Burbush,...
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  • TZ350's Avatar
    Today, 05:21
    TZ350 replied to a thread ESE's works engine tuner in Buckets
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write;...
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  • Owl's Avatar
    Today, 04:57
    Owl replied to a thread Do you wear ear plugs? in Bike Gear
    Make your own??? Site has other plug options and freight is reasonable. ...
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  • Grumph's Avatar
    Today, 04:43
    Grumph replied to a thread The Bucket Foundry in Buckets
    Machined steel cylinders were the standard of the industry for small radials for decades. First used around WW1, if it works don't change it was the...
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  • mashman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:42
    An economist who has incorporated the externalities of production into her model and a pretty good analysis to go with it. Production gotta go bye...
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  • Hugo Nougo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:14
    Good luck, I 2nd the previous post, 80's plastics could be anything but oem will have a manufacture moulding somewhere on the inside, if you have...
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  • Frits Overmars's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:50
    MB is the brand that brought me into contact with model engines. In the mid 1990s physicist Rob Metmemeijer approached me with the problem that the...
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  • JATZ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:37
    Maruia saddle is gravel/dirt and entirely doable on a road bike. Braeburn is gravel and somewhat corrugated. Porika would take some commitment on a...
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  • GazzaH's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:51
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  • TheDemonLord's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:35
    TheDemonLord replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    I'm going to partially break site protocol, since I accidentally hit send before completing my rep comment: Brian Shul and the LA speed Check...
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  • MD's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:20
    Hey thanks for that helpful advice Jatz. I will search out that saddle rod you mentioned and the others. Some of our group have road bikes and not...
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  • R650R's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:11
    R650R replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    Yep it will be a cost/business driven angle as per most of his actions. If you havent seen it watch Brian Schul doco, one of original test pilots...
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  • Jeeper's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:34
    I haven't seen a laserdisc since the mid 90s. Brings back memories though (of cracking a few by accident). Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
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  • JATZ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:28
    You can ride to just past Sedgmere huts before hitting the locked gate which is the Rainbow station boundary. If you've got time to kill and enjoyed...
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  • Kickaha's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:26
    Kickaha replied to a thread Canterbury Trail Rides? in Off Road
    I thought I was working Saturday so made other plans but that's just been changed, I would have done the Saturday and Southern Classic Sunday, ah...
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  • HenryDorsetCase's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:16 Hi,...
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  • Jeeper's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:11
    Jeeper replied to a thread Do you wear ear plugs? in Bike Gear
    I don't use the foam ones for the same reason, they don't stay seated in my ears. Alpines and Pinlock ones I use have the frequency filters. They...
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  • dangerous's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:02
    farrrrk.... FWIW east cape is awesome, the gorge from giz to opotiki is wicked, round the cape clockwise awesome... roads rough as guts from Te...
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  • dangerous's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:57
    dangerous replied to a thread Do you wear ear plugs? in Bike Gear
    fuck... just back from 2500k hoon two days ago, and my ears are still ringing... always used foam biff aways, but they just don't seem to work these...
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  • HEsch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:55
    HEsch replied to a thread Do you wear ear plugs? in Bike Gear
    I had custom ones made at an audiologist as foam just don't work for me. Uncomfortable, don't seal, seal on one side then unseal, uncomfortable. They...
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  • pritch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:53
    pritch replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    Olberman on Rudy: That's a longer version than what appears on Twitter. He's good. If you like...
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  • dangerous's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:50
    dangerous replied to a thread Canterbury Trail Rides? in Off Road
    would love to but im fucked with time, would like to check out the southern classic to never been there... and our very own alley cat is humping a...
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  • Viking01's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:10
    Viking01 replied to a thread Trump in Rant or Rave
    Think that you are absolutely correct regarding superiority of satellites. But to quote another writer: "The Open Skies Treaty was an...
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  • denill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:41
    denill replied to a thread Paul Williams in Off Road
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