the shed

  1. the petrol tank for the A10 sidecar chromed
  2. BSA a10 racing sidecar 1955  
Pukekohe feb2010  
first ever outing
  3. BSA A10 racing sidecar  
1st mtg feb small 2010 
unpainted and with a borrowed motor and fuel tank
  4. A10 Racing Sidecar -  Erle Culver 1955
  5. A10 8" brakes double front hub
  6. front hub side view
  7. Daytona A7 RHS
  8. Gene Thiessen Bonneville Ad
  9. the New frame
  10. BSA B33 and B50SS
  11. Racing sidecars NZ 1970 Porirua Street Meeting. No4 is the ex Shorty Reay Machine.
  12. Norton 650ss racing sidecar NZ Wgtn GP 1970, Shorty's bike in its earlier form, still powered by a 650ss motor.
  13. Racing Sidecars in the pits Pukekohe 2006 Festival 
Vincent Fast Lady, Black Adder and Norton
  14. The Wellington GP, March 1970
  15. The B33. nothing fancy, just lovely.
  16. Racing the Norton Sidecar Taupo Dec 2008 MarkC in the chair
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