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  1. KR-E ...lectric
  2. CB400N Cafe (possibly) Project
  3. The World's Fastest Postie Bike
  4. ducatilover's squidtastic pile of crap
  5. What modifications did you do to your bike today?
  6. Modifying bikes - do you do it?
  7. First!
  8. Bogan's Cylonbros
  9. Move my thread?
  10. Is there such a thing as too much?
  11. Triumph Street Triple/Speed Triple modifying and farkling
  12. Bobber build
  13. Cafe' Racer XZ550
  14. Running lights, LEDs, neons and the like?
  15. How do you get started?
  16. Putting an aftermarket exhaust on a Yamaha Scorpio?
  17. Early 1900s style 'motorbike'
  18. Anyone keen to help me splice in a phone/RJ11 cable for my passport escort 8500?
  19. ZZR250 to track bike?
  20. Porting and 32-34mm 2 stroke carburettors
  21. 2002 Ghezzi-Brian Supertwin 1100, the evilest Guzzi ever!
  22. Smoke lens lights
  23. Exhausted...
  24. Can IMG tag be turned on in this sub forum?
  25. Bar-end mirrors!
  26. Installing a new tank?
  27. And so it continues
  28. Legal or not legal tail lights?
  29. EngMod2T Q&A
  30. Mag wheel Bonneville project...
  31. Saddlebag supports for F650GS
  32. Can anyone recommend a good engineering firm in Christchurch?
  33. Thanks for turning on the IMG tag
  34. Building bikes
  35. Oddest Mods
  36. Mileage won't turn over. Will she get a wof?
  37. Suzuki TS185 ER transformation project
  38. Took a punt on an Ebay carbon guard. $128 brand new
  39. CB250T Project Bike
  40. DIY brackets?
  41. Exhausts
  42. Gixxer forks on, done and dusted
  43. Trailer build project
  44. Sable's Suzuki GT cafe racer
  45. Carbon hugger problem solved
  46. Carburetor boring in Wellington?
  47. CBR 600 f2/3 rebuild!
  48. Lower bars?
  49. Filter foam over trumpets?
  50. Scottoiler install?
  51. Advice needed - various Virago 250 mods
  52. Replacing sidelight bulbs with LEDs
  53. Remote reservoir placement for master cylinder?
  54. Custom piston builders in Auckland?
  55. Ebay turned up a rough diamond in the exhaust department
  56. Very cool Chinese cafe racers
  57. Carbon wrap, anyone?
  58. Fibreglass fairings?
  59. World's coolest Scorpio?
  60. Virago re-gearing
  61. My Machine
  62. Race seat foam?
  63. Hyosung GT250R exhaust
  64. Spyder brake pedal mods?
  65. ADV bike screen
  66. Noob intro, bobber build
  67. Jap choppers
  68. Righto so I've cut 80mm off these cans, is it enough?
  69. KTM 250 Motard Conversion
  70. Suzuki Bandit USD front end conversion
  71. Which would you prefer, gas, tig?
  72. There's some sick twisted people out there!
  73. Cut vinyl decals?
  74. LED lights
  75. When Hell Freezes Over
  76. Project Resurrection
  77. Come and get your Suzuki sorted with us
  78. Here is one from Craigs List
  79. 1998 Suzuki RG150
  80. Bike parts info, ducatilover is bored. Fork, axles, seals, etc, sizes
  81. Quick handle bar question
  82. GSXR1000 indicators flashing too fast
  83. Geoff the giant small bike
  84. Re-spraying a Hornet 250?
  85. CB900 Hornet with Kiwi X bars
  86. Homemade seat cowl
  87. LED There Be Light
  88. Cylinders
  89. What bogan is bashing together
  90. Cafe project - custom front end suitability
  91. Gas flowing heads?
  92. MadAss 100cc two-stroke mod that bogs out?
  93. K100. The journey begins
  94. Side bike?
  95. Ducati Monster Project
  96. New little project
  97. I am all for mucking about with old TLSs, but
  98. K5 GSXR1000 tail on a busa
  99. Whats a good online source for dirt bike parts?
  100. Behold the TL1200
  101. Electrics?
  102. Favourite or worst mod? Have your say!
  103. Lost wax casting
  104. Can't think why but then why not, I guess...
  105. Kawasaki ZZR and ZXR speed limiter removal DIY
  106. Welding and brake cleaner
  107. XS400 brat build
  108. Reflashing GSXR and Hayabusa ECUs?
  109. LEDs ain't got shit on ELwire
  110. Ridged looking softail
  111. Mini lathes & mini mills
  112. Cafe racer handle bars?
  113. Barnetts BikeCraft magazine is now available for international shipping.
  114. Welding helmets need to be up to any particular specs?
  115. How to build a sidecar for your GS
  116. The long life of my '99 TL1000S
  117. RGV250 rebuild?
  118. CB600F header & downpipes
  119. Go Faster Tape- where can you buy it nowadays?
  120. Sand and media blasting?
  121. Slabby Custom
  122. GSX-R Fender Eliminator
  123. R1 Flat Tracker
  124. The inspiration thread
  125. Switchgear
  126. Mods & repairs I have done to my '99 Hornet
  127. GN250 Cafe Racer
  128. Fuelsafe rubber sheet?
  129. You dirty rat. The K75.
  130. Efi mod on a bike?
  131. Recommend a place to do my head work?
  132. Sub-frame removal, welder needed!
  133. CBGB construction
  134. SV650 engine in VFR400 frame progress
  135. A question for the Engineers on the site
  136. Honda GB400 now GB650
  137. Ask an Engineer
  138. Neat little Ebay find
  139. 1981 TR1 Yamaha 1000 chain replacement or conversion?
  140. Interesting GS1000
  141. How to modify your stock XT660X exhaust
  142. RGV150 Cafe Build
  143. Street fighter questions
  144. Chopper project - I need some directions
  145. Should I mod my Monster?
  146. '76 Goldwing GL1000 "Deathwing"
  147. Has anybody fightered an FXR150?
  148. Motorcycle Trailer MkII
  149. NSR250 rebuild - 'The ELF Special'
  150. 1980 Suzuki GT200 resuscitation
  151. No wof with these cans, so?
  152. Paolo Tarozzi fork stanchions and Yamaha parts wanted
  153. Turning a carb szr (XT)660 into fuel injection, any advice?
  154. GN125 fuel gauge?
  155. Fumes and gears
  156. Honda Magna mods?
  157. An interesting procurement problem
  158. WWW.caferacermag.com
  159. WOF and modified bikes
  160. From blah to... ok I guess
  161. WTB: Modern sportsbike front end. Besides Trademe, where can I find one?
  162. Suzuki Bobber - Advice on how to make it road legal?
  163. Aaaaaand, BAM! Yamaha 250WRYZ Motard!
  164. The ultimate GN125 custom race-tastic project!
  165. How to remove the Speed Limiter on VTR100F
  166. SRV250 cafe project
  167. FJ's doing it XJ750 Cafe style
  168. Looking for input from older riders
  169. Anyone have access to a cnc mill?
  170. Christchurch engine builder
  171. Handlebar - Tube or solid?
  172. Clubman bars?
  173. 1985 XL250 motor, rebuild or replace ideas?
  174. 2012 Honda CBR600rr
  175. RG - Extensive clean
  176. Side plates? What's the go?
  177. XT660x fork swap. USD or conventional? Is offset important?
  178. CX500 Cafe Racer Build
  179. Czech Cafe Racer
  180. Painting plastic?
  181. The wee mods I have been doing
  182. Easy mods?
  183. GPS Speedo?
  184. Pimp my ride
  185. The ultimate front end. Sadly not even I am that dedicated
  186. Cheapo hardtail struts
  187. Ag100 mods?
  188. 1981 Yamaha XJ550 Cafe Racer
  189. Bandit 1200 - Just a few mods
  190. GB 400 - exhaust change + air box removal
  191. Russian Bobber?
  192. The World's Slowest Suzuki (Project)
  193. Just bought vinyl wrapping and doing some other mods
  194. Loccomotion.com?
  195. Born free vintage motorcycle fest.
  196. Chroming Aluminium?
  197. Who's gone with dirt bike-style bars on their road bike?
  198. RD200 Cafe Racer Project
  199. My Kwaka KZ400 Brat Build
  200. Fuel pumps and carbs?
  201. Throttle housing
  202. Digital vinyl prints?
  203. Unknown bike
  204. Four-stroke muffler thoughts?
  205. Bobber bike build
  206. ZX10R ECU remapping?
  207. Suzuki Intruder
  208. Race exhaust wanted for GSX-R750F
  209. Hyo GT250 headlight conversion?
  210. South Island performance workshop?
  211. What I'm up to at motogpwerks California
  212. Check out this rebuild
  213. Kiteboard on Motorbike
  214. Woolich racing
  215. cunterbalance shaft
  216. KTM Duke 200 - immobiliser and alarm
  217. The grandkids bikes I build
  218. Adding spot lamps?
  219. BMW R80 mods
  220. Sprint ST1050 becomes all it was meant to be
  221. Paint for cases n heads?
  222. The new (20 year old) ride and the progress thread
  223. Legality of swapping engines? Certification process?
  224. My XV250 bobber build (first bike)
  225. Tail lights and indicators
  226. New project bike - Advice and guidance welcomed for some parts
  227. Wanted Someone who can weld and has a pipe bender for a subframe project
  228. Yamaha SRX600 refurb
  229. Kawasaki Ninja-MGP Growler
  230. GN250 Custom Project FSM
  231. Does an early yz/it ali swingarm fit an early xt 400/550?
  232. Cheap(ish) bikes to mod, seen on Tardme
  233. Paintshop in Wellington able to do tanks?
  234. Public service announcement
  235. Derestricting a RGV250?
  236. SR250 project
  237. CB750 cafe racer build
  238. Remember your first bike?
  239. Hey fix-it guys and mechanics - I need help!
  240. New LED headlight?
  241. Axle lengths?
  242. The ultimate $10k commuter bike?
  243. Air-brush artist
  244. Yamaha SRX600 modding & rejetting?
  245. Custom Honda build?
  246. Recommendation: Bam's Fabrication
  247. Fizzer clean up (lotsa images)
  248. GN125E The ugly runt. It's not what it is but what it will become!
  249. My z1000
  250. GN250 replace filter box with Pod filter