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  1. Wellington - on the gorge tonight
  2. Suzuki unveils hydrogen bike
  3. Biker down Te Puke RIP (27 October)
  4. Napier - obviously an exciting place?
  5. Driver who was “swigging from a can of lager”, killed pillion jailed
  6. Biker sues dead pal after smash
  7. Speed camera chief Mereddyd Hughes caught by speed camera
  8. Bajaj buys into KTM
  9. Horrible weekend road toll for bikes & cars
  10. Paris youths riot following death of bikers in collision with police car
  11. Australia gets first biker mayor
  12. Tibetan MONKS arrested for trying to rob motorcycle shop!
  13. Biker down on Coromandel (1 December)
  14. Bikers collide with Police car in Buller Gorge (1 December)
  15. Giant bike officially world's heaviest
  16. Subaru Sportsbike!
  17. Schumacher fast on Ducati
  18. Matrix star Fishburne: “Don’t smoke a joint before riding”!
  19. ANOTHER police car does a u-turn in front of a biker = crash
  20. Doc warns motorcyclists, says Otago Daily Times
  21. Double fatality, Auck airport 12 Dec 07, diversions in place.
  22. Helmet art is big business in Vietnam as compulsory law kicks in
  23. Bike police take Queen the wrong way round
  24. Accident involving biker on guznee st wellington, dec 13
  25. Chinese GN wins First prize!!!! 15 Dec 07
  26. Lifesaver given parking fine
  27. NZ Mint issues 1930s Biking Coin collection
  28. Pierre Terblanche leaves Ducati
  29. Biking Nun passes away
  30. Damn, gutsy bugger.
  31. Wanganui bike shop robbed
  32. NYPD to replace their motorcycle fleet with electric scooters
  33. How did I miss this? Biker Santa (warning - very cheesy)
  34. 13-year-old girl killed by trail bike (1 January)
  35. New bike leap record set
  36. Biking safer, according to Government statistics
  37. Euro transport authority questions need for “Motorcycle toys”
  38. Biker down. Balclutha. 4 January
  39. Biker down, Tauranga, 5 January
  40. Bike thief’s bad first date
  41. “Dykes on Bikes” name saved – again!
  42. Killer drivers in England may be given loophole to avoid jail
  43. Japanese company unveils hybrid bike "you can charge at home"
  44. Bajaj up stake in KTM, agree deal to market Kawasaki in Asia
  45. Vietnamese bikers terrorised by wild elephants
  46. Dakar to move to South America?
  47. Motorcycle shop boss shot with crossbow
  48. Brooklands Centenary event – April 2008
  49. Has anyone ever cocked a snook?
  50. Two more bikers taken out by wrong-side tourist
  51. Biker charity to provide emergency delivery service for NHS hospitals
  52. UK “8th most dangerous place to be a biker”
  53. MotoGP testing off to a fiery start
  54. Only 38 people donated organs in 2007
  55. Milwaukee to erect statue of “The Fonz”
  56. Motorcycle industry association refutes "bikers are tax dodgers" claim
  57. Serious injuries after hit-and-run in Wellington, 29 January
  58. 1098r released
  59. North West 200 date set
  60. Bike thieves steal woman’s hair!
  61. Two plead not guilty to M40 death
  62. Lifan to sell stake to insurance giant
  63. 2008 London Motorcycle Show review
  64. Nigerian government buys motorcycles for workers
  65. Wellington wardens told to back off with biker footpath policy
  66. Four go to trial for biker shooting
  67. Otago biker crashes near Alex, 8th February
  68. The posh way down?
  69. “Long Way Round” cameras to be introduced for motorcycle police?
  70. Ex-Harley engineers work on diesel motorcycle
  71. Motorcycle helmet calls for help
  72. Motorcycle tax evasion – UK Government admits they were wrong
  73. Ducati announces profit
  74. Motorcyclists hurt in Queenstown attack
  75. Kiwi Athol Williams takes out Top Bike Win at Western Sydney International Dragway
  76. “Akira” to be made into live-action film
  77. Jeep driver 'swerved into biker before attacking with mallet'
  78. Honda to end motorcycle production in USA
  79. Man killed motorcyclist who followed daughters
  80. Hells Angels attempt to kill Mick Jagger
  81. Charity gives motorcycle to courier group
  82. Steve McQueen's 1940 Indian Scout “May Fetch US$80,000”
  83. March Hare Rally 2008 DVD released.
  84. Motorcycle rally raises NZ$8,000 for rescue helicopter trust
  85. Boyd Honda? The rumour is true...?
  86. Biker fulfils cancer victim’s dream
  87. Truly dumb biker doesn’t get new law!
  88. Biker injured by yobs who strung tape across road
  89. Canadian Sikh biker to appeal turban ban
  90. “Human looking” bikes improve safety
  91. OAP who “forgot to wear glasses” cleared of causing death of biker
  92. Chicago passes biker-friendly law
  93. Beware the 14th of March
  94. Brad and Angelina buy 850 year old house… subject to being allowed to build their own
  95. Gibson to star in biker movie
  96. Motorcyclist dead in Eskdale Rd Glenfield (21 March)
  97. Foggy Petronas infrastructure to be auctioned
  98. Coroner criticises TT officials
  99. Dakar “may return to Africa by 2012”
  100. Cook Islands – helmets made compulsory
  101. Skidded on a dead hedgehog
  102. Schumacer to race a Super Duke, qualifies third
  103. Maddison breaks world record… again
  104. Wheelie record attempt ends in arrest
  105. Female Bike Cop
  106. New Kwaka Dirt Bike!
  107. Biker down. Blenheim 7 April 2008
  108. Scooter rider who used feet to cover registration wins ban appeal
  109. Motorcycle sales surge to record levels
  110. World Superbikes. Hampton Downs 2010.
  111. Man dies on new bike in dealer's parking lot
  112. Teen motorcyclist dies in Palmerston North (11 April)
  113. Napkins used to promote road safety
  114. Tail of the Dragon on Fire
  115. Harley axes jobs amid sales drop
  116. VW looking to add motorcycle arm?
  117. BMW looks to increase Husqvarna sales “by 30% in 2008”
  118. UK likes Harley best?
  119. Barger sues TV channel over biker show
  120. Charley Boorman sets off on latest adventure
  121. Is this the lamest speeding excuse ever?
  122. Sportsbike.co.nz LIVES
  123. Police oppose show licence for fears of retaliation over Tobin murder
  124. Trumpy 675 clocks 253kmh, fueled by apples.
  125. Rare Canadian bike up for auction
  126. Two bikers dead - Sunday 11 May
  127. Marines take on motorcycle madness.
  128. Spanish bank robber swaps bike for hostages; gets run down by police
  129. VW/KTM team up to create new motorcycle?
  130. Indian unveils 2009 Chief; looks to launch production late 2008
  131. Gobert banned from beach after “crime rampage”
  132. Robert Dunlop dies
  133. Bike down in Terrace Tunnel (17 May 2008)
  134. More are scooting to save gas
  135. Gravel spilt on SH2 Horokiwi - 20/05/08
  136. Bike back to owner after 50 years
  137. Buell To Offer Ulysses XB12XP Police Edition
  138. Tomb Raider clip top “best bike movie moments” poll
  139. University unveils ‘Virtual Bike’
  140. Yamaha wearable motorcycle concept
  141. Dylan’s motorcycle accident was rehab cover up, claims book
  142. Woman burned at Brass Monkey
  143. Enquiry finds Hislop “not to blame” for fatal crash
  144. Bikers bring motorway to standstill in fuel protest
  145. Wellington to charge $$ for parking motorcycles
  146. Kiwi bloke to compete at Bonneville Speed Week
  147. Biker clocks up 200,000 on same bike
  148. U-turn cop to stand trial
  149. Eat yer heart out, Burt Munro
  150. MCR Dyno Challenge
  151. Davidson family gift statue to Harley museum
  152. Want to ride in Canada? Don’t wear flip-flops!
  153. Drunk who killed 'bikie' in race says sorry
  154. Piaggio owner denies sale plans
  155. University reports increase in head injuries after helmet law repeal
  156. Triumph that runs on apples
  157. Dougie Lampkin stunt ride INSIDE stately home!
  158. Too cool
  159. Blackthunder speed test!
  160. Biker Gangs on Prime TV Tues 24 June
  161. World record dirtbike jump watch!
  162. MZ is to close at the end of 2008
  163. Bikers banned from Paris tunnel
  164. Rimutaka summit 9.30am this morning
  165. Latest news on Alan Thoresen (Blackthunder Racing)
  166. Motorcycle Crash Stats
  167. Harley-Davidson buys MV Agusta!
  168. Electric Cruiser - Pop Mechanics Video
  169. Black Thunder going to Bonneville
  170. Florida now demands bike training!
  171. Japanese biker steals pants!
  172. Please wear lead undies.
  173. Triumph 'rewrites history'
  174. Stolen bike turns up – after 34 years!
  175. Sydney council pushes for range of bike-friendly measures
  176. Hawea Dam access closed after rider runs amok
  177. *WARNING Petrol Spill Wellington*
  178. Strange things do happen
  179. Former Indian chief arrested
  180. Madonna buys pre-war outfit
  181. Skybike Under Development
  182. Andrea Pininfarina died in bike crash
  183. Wedding back on as biker finds missing engagement ring
  184. Soaring fuel and tax costs spark 22% jump in motorbike sales (UK)
  185. Naughty Australian biker!
  186. Legal row over classic bike “may cost £100,000”
  187. “Helmet saved life” of biker who fell four storeys
  188. Ambulance service apologises for refusing ambulance to hurt biker
  189. Portsmouth bike dealers win “invalid parking” battle
  190. Motorcycle builder prosecuted for fraud by NZ bikers
  191. Practice make perfect!
  192. Triumph wins German supersport championship title
  193. Blinded biker builds own bike
  194. Motorcycle breaks auction record
  195. Indian fishermen net a bike!
  196. Biker ban from garlic festival leaves bad smell
  197. Insurance company refuses to pay medical bill for biker on provisional licence who ha
  198. Hells Angel leader killed
  199. Crash takes bizarre turn as motorcycle stolen
  200. Honda and Yamaha set target for electric motorcycles
  201. Biker says “I’d rather go to jail than name a fellow Angel”
  202. North Island trials riding champs on this weekend (13-14 September)
  203. Hesketh up for sale
  204. UK dealer wins top Harley award
  205. Amazon to sell motorcycle parts and clothing
  206. Aussie anti-gang laws ‘could apply in NZ’
  207. Carvers suck!
  208. Lady burnt at Brass Monkey
  209. Philippines government considers front plates for motorbikes
  210. One pillion only order “anti-poor” says Philippines councillor
  211. Biofuel bike takes race win
  212. Killer tried to make murder look like motorcycle accident
  213. Wearing top-name motorcycle helmet could cost you thousands, say testers
  214. £800,000 of riders’ cash to be pocketed by Government
  215. Taipei police say nude motorcyclist “is exhibitionist”
  216. 82mph wheelie results in 18 month ban
  217. Map showing nations' bikes, mopeds
  218. Another Manawanker in action...
  219. Tobin murder trial begins
  220. Honda to develop dual-fuel motorcycle
  221. Malaysian couple beaten to death with crash helmets in “stop smoking” ritual
  222. No escape from speed cameras!
  223. Shaun interview
  224. Kiwi Aaron Clark injured
  225. Yamaha shares fall as output cut in Brazil
  226. Rossi’s home town in speed limit tribute
  227. Utah introduces “size-graded” motorcycle tests
  228. Norton back in business
  229. Outer space 'smells like welding a motorbike'
  230. BMW switches switchgear
  231. Red light runner crash
  232. KTM to build electric off-road bike
  233. “Stake in the heart of the Mongols” says law enforcement officer
  234. Princes go down with the shits on African bike ride
  235. Wellington - Bikes and scooters being stolen
  236. Honda to demonstrate motorcycle to car communication system
  237. Watch out NZ. Noise cameras
  238. London, UK; bikers to get use of bus lanes
  239. Got a small chest? Then you can’t ride a bike in Vietnam!
  240. Honda builds 200,000,000th motorcycle
  241. Motorcycle smuggling big business on Burma border
  242. Police provide free bike locks
  243. Luke and Portugal
  244. Kevin Schwantz to ride Pukekohe
  245. My partner Grub .. I will always love you.
  246. Katherine Prumm injured
  247. Ewan McGregor selling motorbike for charity
  248. Tobin jury retires to consider verdicts
  249. Biker paints own parking space!
  250. Crash closes SH1 (22 November)