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  1. Just a quick hello!
  2. Bikes are expensive in NZ!
  3. Travel to New Zealand -- some questions
  4. Bringing my bike in
  5. Hello, i'm new here...
  6. Newbie from UK
  7. American mate looking for a job
  8. Residency Help!!
  9. 3 days and counting...
  10. Importing bikes into NZ advice
  11. From Russia with love :-)
  12. Selling my bike and emigrating to NZ
  13. German Endurists are looking for contact...
  14. Good morning NZ......
  15. just to say hi,
  16. uk licsence in NZ
  17. travellers looking for meeting kiwibikers
  18. Just to say hello!
  19. Importing a bike
  20. The german world-around Endurists again....
  21. A San Franciscan in New Zealand.
  22. Visiting NZ in Feb with my Kiwi wife
  23. New Here
  24. Hi all newby looking for a little help
  25. Tyre Prices
  26. Need a contact
  27. More help please
  28. The german endurists...
  29. Immigration
  30. Imported UK bikes
  31. Well we made it
  32. Coming to NZ - Yamaha Fazer 600
  33. Hello from UK
  34. From USA and looking to move to NZ
  35. Poms on Tour
  36. Hi from the UK
  37. Hi I'm new, coming to ride in NZ next year
  38. Anyone coming our way?
  39. A month in NZ
  40. Touring the South Island
  41. I'm Coming to visit
  42. Coming home soon
  43. I'm coming to WELLINGTON!
  44. Motorcycle hire companies
  45. Heading Home. Best way to sell?
  46. Bike transport to ChCH
  47. Heading "back" can anybody reckon...
  48. VINZ or AA or who in auckland for certification compliance testing ?
  49. Moving to the UK
  50. Shipping bike to NZ from Los Angeles
  51. Moving to Tauranga
  52. New arrival
  53. The allure of Australia
  54. Hello New Zealand/Christchurch
  55. Approximate servicing costs GSXR-600K4
  56. Arrived in Wellington, urgent help required!!
  57. CSL will be in Auckland for a week, 14th to 19th Oct
  58. UK License question ...
  59. Hanmer Springs
  60. Arrived in Auckland
  61. Bye for now, KB
  62. Buy or rent? That is the question...
  63. Wellington to Taupo 1 Day!!!
  64. Bike swap NZ/UK
  65. Immigration help???
  66. Road trip north of Auckland
  67. On our way - Easter '07
  68. Pros and cons: Canadian riding in new zealand?
  69. Alaskan in NZ till 7th Feb
  70. Hawkes Bay yeee haaa
  71. MASTERTON - ZeroIndex is here
  72. Best vehicle for tourist?
  73. I now have a sports bike
  74. SI from 19-25 March 07
  75. Moved to Aus... left bike in NZ
  76. Phone cards
  77. Hello from the Canaries (canarlee)
  78. Wellington - Overnight needed.
  79. Instructor coming, wanting LTSA qualifications... help?
  80. For one night only!!!
  81. A Yank, a bike and no clue.
  82. Sidecar/trike rental in NZ???
  83. Christchurch sidecar rental?
  84. WHERE CAN I MOVE TO? Suggestions.
  85. Wellington-Lower Hutt
  86. Goodbye Welly, hello Chch
  87. Get out your banjo's - Finn visits South Island
  88. Borrow a helmet in Chch?!
  89. Auckland-Christchurch-Picton-Wellington-Auckland
  90. South Island time to kill - Lord Of the Rings places requested.
  91. Howdy From Texas.
  92. Arriving later this month, info on bike checks needed.
  93. Goddagens, Hello from Uppsala.
  94. Chic going overseas
  95. Rarotongan driver license minimum age?
  96. Bye bye Brisvegas, Hello Un Zud (again)
  97. Touring NZ on a '74 Suzuki AC50 Maverick (Longish)
  98. Who else is going to Phillip Island?
  99. Help a girl out
  100. Buying a bike in Australia...? Where and how?
  101. Shipping bike from UK?
  102. Coming to New Plymouth
  103. Bike license test?
  104. McJim and Chickadee going and coming
  105. Living & working in Queenstown?
  106. Top of the South Island - RECOMMENDATIONS
  107. Transporting a bike from Oz to NZ, how?
  108. Moved to Oz, left the ZXR behind.
  109. Welsh visitors need advice
  110. New Plymouth has increased popn by 1!
  112. Invercargill - Bikers from the Deep South
  113. Summer work, Hawke's Bay?
  114. Shipping my bike in, some questions.
  115. 3 weeks in January, 2 people want to ride around
  116. Moving to the UK
  117. Hello from Ireland
  118. Farewell and safe riding
  119. Road Trip!!! Palmy - Oamaru
  120. Quick help needed, importing from UK
  121. New to Nelson and need wheels!
  122. Worried about coming to NZ
  123. help
  124. Help/advice wanted
  125. Inter Island Bike Shipping Advice.
  126. Looking for storage and/or flat
  127. Looking for trail-riding tour in January
  128. Wellington to Auckland?
  129. Stupid question no. 1
  130. North Island accommodation recommendations please!
  131. Bringing my bike with me?
  132. Brace yourself New Plymouth - I'm heading your way!!!
  133. Moving to Australia - multiple questions
  134. Auckland - best place to buy some cheap camping gear?
  135. UK biker heading to Tauranga in January
  136. Riding Auckland to Wellington xmas day
  137. Bike hire, Auckland/Wellington/North Island?
  138. Visitors to New Zealand
  139. Overseas biker visit (brother & wife) in Feb 08
  140. Any Germans or BMW GS1200 owners here?
  141. Paul Smart in NZ
  142. Otorohanga riders?
  143. Hawkes Bayers going to Manfield
  144. Who's in Cambridge?
  145. Bike hire
  146. Good bye!
  147. Do I have to pay import duty?
  148. Tomorrow's the big day.
  149. Importing - How clean is clean!
  150. I'm on my way
  151. I'm from Canada. Should I move to New Zealand?
  152. From OZ to NZ... We ain't in Kansas anymore!
  153. Licenses from UK to NZ
  154. Soon in Kiwiland
  155. Hi from Warwick, England
  156. Visiting NZ (from USA) in April
  157. From Serbia to NZ: w/family but w/o bike
  158. USA Custom Harvesters?
  159. I'm here
  160. Advice on general wandering about this fair land
  161. Anniversary party....Taupo, 26th.
  162. Off to USA. What to take?
  163. OZ to NZ
  164. Foo Fighters/Rock bars in Auckland? Urgent help please.
  165. Who's brought a bike in from the UK?
  166. Back in civilisation (well New Zealand anyway)
  167. Here is a shipping company
  168. Which shipper can I trust - UK to NZ
  169. Contact us: Ducati 1098/Suzuki on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia
  170. Its good to be back in NZ
  171. Welly/Porirua area info?
  172. Coming your way July 14-24th, S. Island
  173. 6 months in the US
  174. North Islander going south
  175. Before you travel NZ ponder this
  176. For the Tauranga crew
  177. krusti in the States
  178. BMW parts: Cheaper in NZ than in Germany?
  179. Importing bike to NZ
  180. KB Motel in Nelson - limited time only!!
  181. Shipping a motorbike overseas
  182. Migrating to NZ?
  183. Immigrating to New Zealand maybe - gen questions
  184. Quick visit
  185. New Plymouth?
  186. Wise ones down south. questions.
  187. Yet another migrant with some questions.
  188. Bike importing laws in Germany
  189. I'm on my way...
  190. Applying for work visa when already in NZ?
  191. Help a yank inspect a bike in Hamilton?
  192. Offering space in our Container towards Germany in March/April 09
  193. Advice for a visitor
  194. NZ holiday ride 2008
  195. To anyone moving over here
  196. HI all... coming to NZ for a few months and need a bike
  197. Camping in Hanmer Springs
  198. Good keen men and women wanted.
  199. Christchurch bike shops
  200. UK biker (stormerUK)
  201. Kiwi Biker-like website in Australia (NSW)?
  202. Nelson bike storage?
  203. The Pig Route
  204. Intro and looking for a bike
  205. Roadtrip to the Naki - Approx. 13/12/08 to 21/12/08
  206. First aid kit for bikes
  207. Thinking about visit NZ in Feb 2009, so need some help
  208. Traveling the South Island 2009
  209. Vladivostok to France 14,000 km 40 days
  210. krusti is back...
  211. Ferk it's cold... -8 degrees
  212. My experience - importing a used bike from the USA
  213. Insurance with foreign licence
  214. Feb-Mar touring NZ
  215. My bike will be here soon!
  216. Notice: Change of address
  217. less than 2 year UK licence to NZ licence conversion
  218. UK biker riding round New Zealand Jan-March '09
  219. Sydney: Bike wanted!
  220. Canuck rider in NZ late Jan Apr 09, looking for adventure/other riders
  221. Off to the Himalayas again
  222. Recommend me some good rides in the Auckland area!
  223. Irish biker girl needs ride from Wanganui to Whangamomona Republic Day
  224. Bike babysitter needed in Picton/Blenheim area
  225. South Island Adventure
  226. Hiya, and loads of questions
  227. US to South Island for 2 weeks in March - April
  228. Returning to ENZED...
  229. NZ Bike events
  230. Anyone coming to the USA?
  231. New here - Dubble0zero
  232. New to Welly region - @mmie
  233. South or North?
  234. Got an interview in Christchurch
  235. EobE The Elder cometh- Bike hire over Easter?
  236. Considering a move into NZ
  237. What exactly is "eligible to work in NZ"?
  238. Bike wanted - Auckland
  239. Buying in Australia
  240. leaving from South East Asia to Canada
  241. Any KBers going to be at Laughlin?
  242. Kbers in germany: Visiting Hockeheim?
  243. Can't wait!
  244. Cheer us up?
  245. Greetings from the northern colony
  246. Looking for a secure parking garage for a motorcyle in Auckland CBD
  247. I thought I would introduce myself
  248. 10,000km, 4 weeks, 2 islands...
  249. A few Qs!
  250. Hiring a bike in C'Church