View Full Version : 2009 Suzuki Tri-series

25th July 2009, 10:09
The Suzuki Tri-series is on:

Rd1 Sat 19th Dec 09 - Manfield
Rd2 Sat 26th Dec 09 - Wanganui
Rd3 Mon 28th Dec 09 - Taupo

Entry forms are on www.cemeterycircuit.co.nz and www.roadracespectacular.4t.com

Tim and I had a great time at Wanganui and Taupo last year. We couldn't make Manfield unfortunately.

The racing at Wanganui especially was awesome !! The crowd thought our classic outfits were amazing.

I know Boxing Day is a hassle when you have to travel a long way, but you can get scrutineered on the morning of racing. So you could travel after the evening family dinner on Christmas Day.

It is really worth the effort !