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11th August 2009, 18:15
First decide what your page title should be. Please use the full proper title of your subject and avoid using acronyms.

Decide what category your page should go under. Find an appropriate category in the wiki index on the home page or List Categories (http://www.kiwibiker.co.nz/wiki/Special:Categories) page and use the "Create an Article to this category" input field to enter your page title and hit submit.

To add your page to additional categories, just use the following text for each category at the bottom of your page.
[[Category:Category Name]]
If the category doesn't exist, it will be automatically created when you save the page.

To create a page without picking a category first, just enter it's URL.
"http://www.kiwibiker.co.nz/wiki/Page Title Name"
and it will go straight to editing your new page.

Please make an effort to use correct spelling and grammar, as not doing so will only create work for others who have to edit the page to correct it.

If you see a page with obvious errors, then feel free to edit and correct. If it is just a difference of opinion, then use the wiki forum to discuss the issue first using the page title as the thread title. The Discussion tab on the wiki can also be used to discuss the page. If the Discussion link (as with any link in the wiki) has turned from red to blue, it means content has been added.

If you are unsure of how to layout your page, then find a similar page in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org) for an example.