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11th August 2009, 18:36
The New Zealand Motorcycle Wiki is for any information relating to motorbikes IN NEW ZEALAND.

It is not for general motorcycle info as most of this is already well covered elsewhere on the internet. I want to create something unique on the net and have it be the central place to go for anyone new to motorcycling in New Zealand.

As with any wiki, it is for factual info only. Opinions and conjecture should stay on the forums.

15th August 2009, 19:05
The page is to be used to describe the business, it's history and what type of products/services it provides, along with location/contact details and any other factual info.

The page is not to be used to list individual items, prices, sales or tell people how "great, excellent, high quality, etc" your service is.

The article is not to be written like an advertisement, but is to be done from a neutral point of view.

Also remember to write in the third person.