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13th November 2009, 06:38
The fuel availability FAQ has been raised in the public forums for the east cape ride.

Should there be a database of rides (sealed and adventure) in the wiki? The main problem I see is putting too much information regarding each ride and spoiling the character of the ride, but things like fuel availability will reassure those who would otherwise stay home.

Other rides, such as the 90 mile beach also have critical safety information that riders must be privy to.


13th November 2009, 07:34
Ride routes go in this section:

I think supplementing the information with service stations would be a great idea. It would also be good to get their opening hours (especially since some of the smaller stations aren't even open all weekend).

13th November 2009, 07:42
Cool, you already have a nice template to use. I had a quick browse and couldn't see it.

It is just a matter of making the entry, with the more relevant information at the top.