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28th January 2010, 21:22
Hi All,
A mate has just managed to get his hands on this unique GS1000. We would really like to know the history of this bike, and as there is a "nz post classic" sticker on the swin arm i thought this could be a good place to start.

What we do know.... (we think)
It is a 1978 gs100, somebody has gone to a lot of effort to convert it to mono shock, the 27mm carbs have been bored out to 29mm, The gearbox has been rebuilt and shimmed, It has yoshi cams, Its running a CDI from a 1980 model?, 17" real wheel and 19" front, has progressive front fork springs and braided brake lines.

Legend has it that this bike was raced by someone from the Auckland area, this was their practice bike that they used for warming up and practice before getting on the race bike. As the GS has spent so many years in peoples sheds and changed hands a few times, the sands of time could well have gotten any of this info mixed up.

I really hope that somebody out there in inter-web land will recognise either that unique rear end or some part of what we do know and will be able to shed some light on the history.

On the off chance that you do know anything you dont want to post up for everybody to see (names phone numbers and such) Please either PM me, email me at danield@furnware.co.nz or call me on 0274232686.


30th January 2010, 19:28
Don't think it's anywhere period mods - swingarm looks to me to be later 80's smaller Suzuki 4 cylinder (ie 1987 GSX400 Impulse) grafted in for a bit of fun and some bracing added . The sticker's like that were done in about 2003-2004 by a Postie racer in Tauranga.

if it was a pukka race bikle from the period, in a formula class they would have probably ditched the stock wheels. Sorry to dispell any dreams, but i think it's been someone's play bike with some "updates" along the way , but no real "history". I'll no doubt be proven wrong...!

I'd track down ian Johnson in Welcome Bay - he may know more.

It is also unlikely to be legal as it is, for Posties in NZ.

1st February 2010, 16:42
I can probably get you a GS swing arm and shocks to get itn pr82 legal Dan. Be good to have some more pre82s at the BRM summer series. Im sure Dale would have fun racing his kwaka against the big yellow Zuki

1st February 2010, 17:31
Cheers guys. We dont think that it was raced anywhere near being a new bike. It was obviously somebodys play bike later in its life. The new owner realises that it would not be legal in pre 82, its his choice to change it back to twin shock or to drop into pre 89 with the curent set up. I really dont know what the plans are. We just thought somebody out there would know where it came from.

Peter Smith
7th February 2010, 21:51
I asked some of the Auckland bassed NZPCRA members and none of them remember the bike. Sorry.

12th February 2010, 08:16
Looks to me like a McIntosh Bathurst Replica swing arm