View Full Version : CDMTCI Manfeild Track Day, 3 April 2010 (Easter Saturday)

15th February 2010, 10:09
Yes folks, it's that time again, time for another blat around the track at Manfeild.

Just $50 per person. Slow, medium, fast and race sessions.
All glass to be taped, bikes to be of WOF standard.
Full bike gear (gloves, helmet, boots, riding pants and jacket) to be worn.
Valid driver's licence to be produced on the day.
One bike/one rider.

Scrutineering starts at 8.15am.
Maximum number of 160 bikes, first in first served.

This is arguably New Zealand's cheapest and best-run track day, just ask anyone who's been to one in the last 20 years!

For more information, please contact club president Andrew Pugh on 0274 463 870.

As an experiment, this time we are taking a limited number of prebookings. Check out our website for details - http://www.cdmtc.org.nz/

Please note - you MUST add your FULL NAME (first and last name) as the reference for your prebooking. We have since been advised that the National Bank is not adding the reference to payments made over the counter, so if the bank does not have the facility to do this, you will need to bring along your receipt to prove a deposit was made into our account for the track day. It probably wouldn't hurt to send an email via our website to let us know who you are, when you paid, and who the booking is for.

3rd March 2010, 17:44
When we check our online banking it appears that some people have made deposits without any name as a reference, which is making things difficult for us. In some cases when a printout of the account is done it does have the names, but please ensure you have your banking receipt with you on the day in case there are any problems.

5th March 2010, 07:09
Sounds like taking bookings is just a pain in the arse for you Beemer ? I prefer the tried and true methods you usually use anyway, it works ! Make it easy for yourself, they'll just have to get out of bed early like the rest of us.

5th March 2010, 21:16
I was against taking bookings precisely for this reason - but someone else said they'd take on the job of monitoring the payments. I somehow doubt we'll bother doing it again for any future trackdays as we've had very few prebookings (despite all those saying they would prefer to prebook) and the bank's inability to add names as a reference (for those NOT using online banking) is a pain.