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9th November 2003, 20:12
I come to start my bike up this morning, and the engine won't turn over. I assume that the battery has gone flat so I try to bump start it. When bumping it I let the cluth out and the back wheel locks up. I try bump starting it again but this time in a higer gear. The engine ticked over and fired. It started running on 2 or 3 cyclinders for about 30 seconds before it stalled.

At this point I wonder if there is too much oil in the sump so I have a look the oil level to see how much is in there. The oil level was way passed the maximum so I decide to drain the oil. Instead of 2.5 or so litres of oil draining out, 4 or so litres of petrol drained out.:angry2:

Taking a little while to ponder this I come across a leaking carburettor. I come to the conclusion that the carburettor must have been leaking petrol into the cylinder and getting into the engine, hence the huge compression on the engine and lots of pretol coming out the oil sump.

I take off the tank and air filter to see if I can take the spark plugs out, but don't seem to have the correct tools. So now my bike is in the garage in pieces with a ceased engine.

Are there any people out there that have had this problem before? Is it a job that I can do, or do I need to arrange transport to a bike mechanic to have it sorted? KK i'm thinking of you especially, any ideas?

Either way I have exams over the next two weeks so I won't be looking at it till them. But keep the ideas/advice coming.

9th November 2003, 20:25

9th November 2003, 21:14
Andrew, didn't you just have the chain and sprockets replaced? Was this the first time you tried to start the bike after the work was done?

9th November 2003, 21:17
Originally posted by MikeL
Andrew, didn't you just have the chain and sprockets replaced? Was this the first time you tried to start the bike after the work was done?

Nah i had it down to Rotorua and Taupo after I got the chain and sprockets replaced so I don't think it has anything to do with that.

9th November 2003, 22:52
Have your fuel tap checked,I don,t know what type you have, but if it is a vacum type it needs a new rubber thingy.It should shut off when you turn the bike off,If it is a gravity feed,start turning it off when you leave the bike over night ect.What has happened can be got away with or it can completely root your bottem end.
You HAVE to get all the petrol out of your bearings.don,t rely on it just evaporating.Put new oil in,run for a minite or two,drain and refill.If all seems well sell the bike to someone you don,t like.

10th November 2003, 11:17
yep, i have to agree with jackrat... use some flush oil then the new oil.. but thats after you have diagnosed the problem properly... Im rather unsure, i will ask dad his thoughts and see if he has any bright ideas... but you could well have hydrauliced (poor spelling) the engine, again im not sure about this and what the symptoms are once you turn that motor over and there is a cylander full of petrol... has to go somwhere?.. hmm, will b hoping for the best for you dude... just shows this stuff can happen.. will reply again hopefully tomorrow.

10th November 2003, 21:14
I've seen it twice,once on the Darmah I used to own,hit the starter and fuel spat out the exhausts,came from leaving the fuel tap on and dodgy needle and seats in the carbs.

Second time was in the pits at Ruapuna two guys turned up with a RGV250,went to push start in and a big gush of fuel out the pipes.

All I did was drain and change the oil,took the plugs out and wound it over a few times and got the dodgy old dellorto's rekitted.

11th November 2003, 17:48
The siezing will be from the cylinder being full of petrol,i.e. Air compresses, Petrol does not! Remove all the plugs and wind the engine over. Hopefully it was only missing from fuel fouling on the plugs.
Drain the oil. fit new oil and spark plugs and start it up. If it still misses, then you have probably bent a rod trying to start it.
If not-then you should be all go.

Lou Girardin
12th November 2003, 14:41
The trouble is, it probably won't miss if a rods bent. It'll let go when it gets a big rev. I think you have two choices, ignore it and hope or pull it down and get the rods checked.
Good Luck

12th November 2003, 21:24
I did exactly as Dave suggested and bike started without any hesitations. All seems good, took it for a thrashing up the motorway and works like a charm. Its going for a much needed service at spectrum and i'll mention it to them and see what they think. I think she'll be a round for a little while yet!! :rockon:

13th November 2003, 07:59
Seems you have escaped major damage, Andrew. Lucky! Go out and buy a Lotto ticket!