View Full Version : Clutch ajustment

Racey Rider
15th November 2003, 17:01
The clutch on my KR dosen't have much progressiveness to it. (ie. very little lever movement between out & in). Does this necessarily mean the clutch plates need replaceing, or is there some other remedy to improve clutch progression?

16th November 2003, 15:54
The clutch will be grabby if,
1, the oil is contaminated
2,the basket has worn
3, the steel plates are warped.

I would suggest you strip the clutch and measure the fibres,check the steels,wash up everything,
check and file the basket if needed and refill with some good elf gearbox oil.

Racey Rider
22nd November 2003, 19:57
Had the clutch apart Today. The only thing that maybe wasn't right was the steel plates looked a bit dirty, as if they haddn't been doing enough work. Thought when all is back together I'ld just give the clutch a bit of a hard workout to clean the steel plates up.
May work, to give it a better action.

24th November 2003, 12:11
Dave's point number 2 above is the key one if all else looked OK, so was there any sign of wear on the clutch basket.? That means was there any sign of wear (i.e. little scooped out bits like notches) in the slots that the plates fit into and are the means by which the plates can apply force to the basket? The reason that causes a switch like clutch is because the plates don't want to move in the worn surfaces freely like they should and then let go with a bang once the spring force overcomes the resistance as you let the clutch lever out.