View Full Version : suzuki ls 400 carb probs

31st May 2005, 10:55
One of my mates is having problems with his savage carb, havent seen it myself but seems like the slide sticks every so often, has tryed polishing ,lubing,and a stronger spring,any idears? or does anyone know what you would expect to pay for a 2end hand carb? or what would suit from anouther bike?.... thanks.Enn. :ride: sooon.

31st May 2005, 11:04
Has the cable been checked?

31st May 2005, 18:26
Has the cable been checked?
yip i would look at that too

23rd July 2005, 22:32
Has the cable been checked?
Yep done that ,
seems that the culprit was a well worn slide! so hes off shopping... thanks for that.