View Full Version : RM with TS250 engine clutch how to change

19th June 2005, 02:56
My nieces husbands fishing bike seems to be using the last adjustment of the clutch. Can the clutch be changed without splitting the case? There is also a flat spot with hard acceleration seems better with light throttle openings. There is no air cleaner so I imagine there are some airbleeds that could be blocked. And or there may be a problem with the electrics. Is there any Sites that have online Manuals free Downloads. thanks in advance :grouphug:

19th June 2005, 10:21
Easy to do,just take the right engine side cover off and inside is the clutch,get an impact screwdriver - those phillips head screws are most likely mangled.Some Suzuki's of that era don't have bolts holding the clutch springs,the springs just hook in,you'll have to make a special tool - a bent screwdriver.You need an air filter before you try and fix the flat spot,and that is most likely all it is.

19th June 2005, 11:16
Thanks for the reply. Yes i thought the same about the airfilter and its good as I can show him your reply. Yes you are most likely right about the philips head bolts being munted as this bike has had too much hands on group theraphy and the funny thing is it belongs to a guy whos surname is Motu. Ive read a lot your posts and your opinions are good as I see things. Thanks Im always happier if i know what to expect :)