View Full Version : Auckland Motorcycle Club’s Advanced Rider Training (ART) days

Kiwi Graham
17th August 2011, 11:43
Auckland Motorcycle Club’s Advanced Rider Training (ART) days.

The first event of the season kicks of on 2nd October at Pukekohe Park Raceway. The whole team is keen to get back into these days after the long winter break.

The training aspect of the day is gaining in focus and groups 1, 2 & 3 have a dedicated group of instructors providing a vast array of valuable instruction aimed at the needs of participants on the day. The feed back received is extremely positive and this aspect of the day is greatly appreciated by participants. Generally speaking groups 1 & 2 get to share an instructor with only 4-5 others providing the opportunity for excellent feed back. Group 3 being a much higher level get the benefit of more technical instruction and machine set up advice from our resident experts and again this continues to grow in popularity. These groups are encouraged to ‘pit’ together, this helps in establishing a report with the instructors who also ‘pit’ in this area identified by the EZ-ups. They are used provide a focal point for discussions to take place and theory sessions to be conducted. They also provide an area to get out of the bright sunshine and heat of the day.

We continue to cater for racers, ‘track day addicts’ & fast riders in the form of group 4. We are continually introducing new aspects for this group, we have been lucky to secure the services of ‘star instructors’ (usually past/current successful national/international riders) who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with participants and the technical advise and machine set up is provided again by extremely experienced instructors.

ART days are usually over subscribed, in fact usually ‘sold out’ well before the day its self and we run a list of ‘reserves’ if you don’t want to miss out book in well in advance, you can even pre book for days the entry forms are out on our web site http://www.amcc.org.nz/advanced. A comprehensive ‘pre-day’ pack is sent out which is full of practical information regarding you and your machine, a diagram highlighting where things are and the timings to be adhered to, flag colours and there meaning, photos of the circuit etc.

We provide lunch and refreshments plus there is catering and a coffee wagon on site for you.

If you haven’t been along to and ART day for some time or have yet to do one, come along and see what we do. The improvement you will see in you riding is worth the time, money and effort.