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24th October 2011, 09:56
Just to let you all know we have set aside a few dates for women only training. NO GUYS ALLOWED (apart from our instructor). We hold our courses in North Canterbury ( Rangiora, Kaiapoi or Woodend)

We are offering our SLOW PRO and KICKSTART courses on the following dates

Slow Pro 5th Nov and 7th Dec cost $55 ( this price has been subsidised by ACC and ECAN)

Kickstart 12th Nov and 14th Dec cost $96 ( again a subsidised course)

These are both 4 hour courses.

Slow pro is designed for anyone wanting to develop the skills required to confidently ride in slow moving traffic, learn to lean their bike, set off from intersections with confidence (without crossing the lines!), learn how to brake effectively and deal with when other vehicles breach their right of way and pull out in front of them. It is run off road in a large car park at low speeds in a safe and controlled environment. Participants should have their own bike and be licenced to ride it, but hire can be arranged. 5-8 per course

Kickstart is designed for anyone, but particularly new or returning riders. It will help a rider prepare for their trip, develop gear changing and braking and slow speed turning skills. We will teach them how to lean their bike confidently and approach corners at a safe speed to come out the other side under full control. We also help the rider to take ownership of riding defensively on our roads in most traffic situations.. Small group means personal tuition. Riders are intercom connected to the instructor whilst on the road. The course is run partly off road in a car park ( some theory too) then out on the road to practice what has been learned. Participants should be appropriately licenced to ride on the road and have their own bike to get the most from this course. ( bike hire can be arranged). Max 3 per course

See our website (http://www.2drivesafe.com/html/mb/lessons.html) or call 0508 TODRIVE for more info or to book.

If you want to do any of our other courses as women only just ask.

We are also running ACC & ECAN subsidised one on one training for anything you want to work on for only $40/hour ( up to 2 hours per person) ( limited numbers of these sessions available). At these prices no one could blame you for getting some professional training! :yes:

24th October 2011, 17:23
It's a pity you don't have courses down south canterbury way. All the best training days seem to be christchurch or nelson way.

24th October 2011, 17:26
'Bout time.

There's a definite need for training women for dates.

Mrs Shrek
24th October 2011, 18:10

Anything like this running in Central Otago?

5th November 2011, 06:17
I think you emailed me and I replied but just incase

Brian Bernard may be doing something similar in your region, At least ACC gave his details as their only provider of subsidised courses there. i think this is his website http://www.bernardracing.co.nz/

hope that helps.

Also Just a reminder that we don't JUST do Women only courses anyone is welcome on our other courses, all subsidised by ACC. CHeck out our website here (http://www.2drivesafe.com/html/mb/lessons.html)


18th December 2011, 08:24
Hi to all the women out there.

We didn't get a great response to our women only training days last year :( however we keep hearing from the women we speak to what a great idea this is so we are going to continue to offer these days in 2012.

We want to hear from the ladies though, when is a good day to run the courses - mid week or weekends?

All our courses have just been subsidised by ACC and ECAN even more and are down to just $50 per course including up to 2 hours 1 on 1 training. Check out our website www.2drivesafe.com (http://www.2drivesafe.com) for more course details or contact us by email - info@2drivesafe.com. Maybe if you are a guy - buy one of our courses for your woman for christmas - vouchers available. $50 for a course how cheap is that!!!

Merry Christmas to all and have an awesome New Year see you in 2012!