View Full Version : KT250 road legal?

Karitane pete
19th November 2011, 19:02
Hi All, been looking at KT250 trials bikes as a project for the boy and I and was woundering if these were ever able to be registed for road use?

White trash
19th November 2011, 19:05
Yes, they were. I had one when I was a boy. It was road legal.

19th November 2011, 20:53
Yes, they were. I had one when I was a boy. It was road legal.

Mine was one of the bulk imported "farm bike" items. By the time I got it the speedo was fukt, (stupid bloody place to put it) but I doub't it'd ever been registered anyway.

19th November 2011, 21:56
Originally trials and enduro bikes had to be road legal,so they came fully equipped. Back in the day there was a day time WoF...and you will find the KT still has an exemption for indicators. Not a comfy bike...unless you are standing up.

Karitane pete
25th November 2011, 14:31
Thanks guys, seat can't be much worse than my KLX250s:brick:

25th November 2011, 19:55
It's not the seat that's the problem,it's the riding position - they were made to ride standing up,so sitting down is not very good.

1st December 2011, 18:38
I had a road legal KT... But road legal back then & road legal
now are 2 diffrent things...... the main thing was they had no
indicators and a small speedo on the left fork slider

14th March 2012, 20:17
http://kawasakikt.tripod.com - try Fred&Deb's website for anyparts you might need. Don't be fooled by the .com address - they are in Upper Hutt.

14th March 2012, 20:30
I rode a few times back & forth to Kaiangaroa forest & Taupo way back in the Forest service days with my dog perched on the Tank,Rifle & pack on me back & a 2 gallon tin of petrol tied to the bars....:facepalm:

Karitane pete
26th March 2012, 20:35
Well we got a project KT last month for the grand sum of $0.00 and of couse it needs every thing done.
only parts missing are the front guard with brackets and the speedo, this is a great project for my son (17) he has spent hours cleaning the engine components, just need to rebuild the crank and find a new piston, you know all the money stuff:facepalm: