View Full Version : Oil pump on which side of engine

23rd July 2005, 01:08
Is the oil pump on the left, middle or right hand side of the engine (FXR150)?

My oil filter is on the right side and the side stand is on the left, obviously while I'm warming up the motor, all the oil will be on the left side (right hand side oil window is empty).

So, if the oil pump is on the left, then okay. But if not, then will the pump be pumping air around instead of oil?

Just one of those things you think about while saving a worm from certain death when it's underneath the bike :whistle:


23rd July 2005, 07:28
The oil pump is up behind the speedo and as such does not get any oil thru it until you do a stoppie.....
Do you really think suzuki would be dumb enuff to put the oil pump pick up where there is no oil?? :spudwhat:

23rd July 2005, 09:03
Well,the first purpose built wheelie bike was the XR500,but they had a wet sump and could sieze an engine on a long mono,but the better wheelie machine was the TT500,these had a dry sump and could be mono'd forever.So the oil pump can be in the wrong place..... :devil2: