View Full Version : Canterbury: Last of the subsidised courses in Ashburton end of June!

2nd June 2012, 09:39
Ok so we have been asked by ECAN/ACC to run a course for those of you a bit further down Canterbury in the Ashburton area - or infact anyone who wants to travel to Ashburton for this course.

We are running 2 days over the last weekend in June - 30th June and 1st July 8 am start!

Each day will cost you just $50 - ECAN and ACC pick up the rest of the tab.

Saturday will be for novice / intermediate riders - our 6 hour Torque course which consists of some classroom theory training - some slow riding skills practice, Braking technique practice and then some town and some rural riding. During this final phase ( about 1 - 1 1/2 hours)we will try and put you in groups of similar ability and go out in smaller groups ( up to 4 people) so you may have to hang around for your turn if we have larger numbers! - Max 12 people for this day!

Sunday will be a similar format to above with a max of 8 people on the course and we will go out for about 2 hours in groups of 4. The focus of the on road part this course will be more working on delayed apex cornering and reading the vanishing( limit) point through the corner, as well as all the hazard perception and safety stuff!

Our instructor is an examiner for the Institute of Advanced Motorists advanced riding test and teaches the UK police system of motorcycle control - better known as Roadcraft. This is used around the world by most emergency services so they can travel at speed with the utmost safety.

For both courses you will need to have a legal and roadworthy bike ( we will send you packing if its not got a rego, WOF or has a bald tyre etc)

Whilst out on the road you will be in constant communication with the instructor via Bluetooth headsets and get an opportunity to be up front leading the group and practicing the stuff you learn on the course.

For more info or to book visit our website (http://www.2drivesafe.com/html/mb/training.html) or email us (info@2drivesafe.com)

28th June 2012, 20:01
Hi all, as it says above this saturday and possibly sunday depending on numbers is it for the current round of funding, probably ( I say it with regret) wont be any more subsidised courses for a few months as ACC sort out the paperwork for the next years funding ( it was almost nov last year by the time it was all up and running so heres the chance you have been waiting for update those skills, hopefully learn something new and have a fun day out before the winter kicks in!

contact me on above details if interested

8 am start Ashburton this saturday