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28th August 2012, 09:49
:yes: thats right. We have a limited number of courses running from this saturday 1st sept through to 30th November

Whilst ACC are deciding what to do with their National Motorcycle training programme ECAN road safety have stepped up and are subsidising all our post licence training course so they only cost you $50 - yes $50

All you need to do is come along with your road legal bike and a licence to ride it and be prepared for a fun day of gaining new knowledge and skill.

Our courses cover all types of road riders from beginner to advanced and were well received by everyone last season. They include:

Slow Pro - for developing those slow riding skills you wish you could do so you weren't duck walking your bike outside the cafe. Also we cover best practice for braking and avoiding vehicles that breach your right of way. ( 4 hours)

Kickstart - for new riders wanting to build confidence on their bikes around town.( 4 hours)

Torque - for the returning or intermediate rider - a mix of town and country riding - covering road position, delayed apexing etc. (6 hours)

Apex for advanced riders or good intermediates wanting to go to the next level in their cornering on those twisty country roads. (8 hours)

One on One - 3 hours of whatever you want to work on!

NB:Kickstart, Torque and Apex courses have some classroom theory sessions and some slow riding and braking training as well as plenty of practical on road time.

check our website for more info (http://www.2drivesafe.com/html/mb/training.html) or email us direct (bookings@2drivesafe.com)

7th September 2012, 19:50
Posted this elsewhere Duncan. The more the merrier.

7th September 2012, 20:06
Booked myself in for the advanced course via Mainland Driving yesterday.
Earliest I could get was oct13th, places are filling up really fast
So don't procrastinate if you want into this round of subsidized courses.

10th September 2012, 10:01
Posted this elsewhere Duncan. The more the merrier.

Hadn't seen the other post sorry!

Getting slowly but surely booked up - be quick