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30th August 2012, 08:48
Christchurch Defensive Driving Course (DDC)
The New Zealand Defensive Driving Course is a great way to learn more about what you need to do to keep alive on NZ roads. It encourages you to look at your bike, yourself (attitudes health and emotions) and be aware of the hazards around you.

You will learn how to search effectively for hazards, assess them and then reduce those risks.

The course runs regularly in Christchurch on the dates below: cost is $175.00 at present and also get you up to 6 Months off your restricted time ( if you are over 25 you can do this course as soon as you get your restricted and then do your full after 3 months)

We run 4 x 2 hour group theory sessions, followed by a 1 hour practical assessment ride within 60 days of course completion (this is not a test). You will be radio linked to our instructor and this is a great opportunity to prepare for your full licence test. We usually have a mix of teenagers ( car and bike riders) and returning riders on our courses.

Days are Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays and run between 6pm and 8.30 pm
Check our website out for the next course dates coming soon (http://www.2drivesafe.com/html/car/ddc.html)

3rd September 2012, 20:40
Ok so just realised this is important as of 1st October DDC will no longer be allowed to be used towards time off your restricted class 6 licence!

However it seems just like with the age change( 15-16) last year there is going to be a changeover period. People who are currently on the 6R and have done DDC or street talk and book their test( a test date after 1st october is ok) before 1st oct should it seems still get the time off.

This means in theory that this could be the last chance to get time off your 6R with a DDC.

Next year there will be a competency based approved training course that NZTA are going to bring in but that's next year and doesn't help now - so get in quick. Email us if unsure what I'm talking about