View Full Version : Bikes only Drag Meet - Ruapuna Dec 16

5th December 2012, 19:50
This was posted on the noticeboard at the Tai-Tapu pub last weekend.

I've emailed the Pegasus Bay Drag club to ask for more info but, no reply, been a couple of days now ...... hhmmpph

Does anyone know anything about Ruapuna on the 16th ?



5th December 2012, 20:09
...try meetings and events threads here on KB...you will find just what you need to know...

5th December 2012, 20:13
Cheers, got it ...

6th December 2012, 17:39
should be a good meeting , there are quite a few of us heading down from auckland for the meeting .
i think well have 15 bikes in the container heading down including some very fast machines .
will be worth a look if your thinking of going

The Lone Rider
15th December 2012, 14:44
Saw the other thread in events.

9am is bike check in.

When do races start, for spectators to have something to watch?

15th December 2012, 16:24
....11am racing should be under way...