View Full Version : Skills Based Road Rider Training - Hamilton - Sat 13 or Sun 14 April - only $30

Roadsafe Rider
5th April 2013, 12:23
Come along and attend a rider enhancement day. Get a health check on your current riding skills with a focus on developing your learning, and refreshing best practise road riding techniques in a safe environment. Become smooth and consistent, to get more out of your bike, and maximise your riding enjoyment!

Riders of all levels and experience are welcome to attend:

Saturday (9am - 4pm) is for novice/intermediate to early advanced riders.
Sunday (9am - 4pm) is for more experienced riders.

Your riding skills, knowledge and experience will be enhanced from your current level, regardless of whether you are on a learner, restricted or full motorcycle license.

Normally costing over $200, this highly subsidised course is only $30 for the day's training.

Anyone interested in finding out more or wanting to make a booking, please contact Roadsafe Rider before Monday 8 April.

Roadsafe Rider

15th April 2013, 22:36
I've done several of Andrew's courses and I'm a better rider for it.
It's a bargain at full price. For 30$ it's ... even better :)