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13th June 2013, 16:15
Hi there Guys and Gals,

I have been away from riding for a couple of years and am just getting back into it.

I lived in Auckland for a couple of years and regularly attended NASS (search for the thread on here) it was extremely beneficial to my riding.

The reason I am starting this is because I can't seem to find anything similar down here, sure I have found organised rides etc but they only seem to be rides, where as on the NASS rides we went for a ride then stopped at an empty car park where a couple of experienced riders had set up a couple of tasks for us to do where they would give us tips on how we were doing. Braking, cornering, slow speed stuff etc. It was great!!

I learnt a lot so was hoping to get something similar going down here but I need a couple of experience guys or gals that would be happy to run it.

Please do get in touch as I am willing to put in some work to get this off the ground, also if you are a rider who feels they would benefit from this throw up a post on here or nominate someone you feel would be a good mentor.



13th June 2013, 16:15
also, if there is one on here that I have just completely missed please let me know. definitely keen to attend.