View Full Version : Auckland: Confident Rider Course - 24th November 2013 - West Auckland

8th November 2013, 15:13
Due to popular demand, we have brought back the 5-hour ‘Confident Rider’ practical course targeting the New and Inexperienced Rider.

The first half of the course will be conducted in our brand new purpose-built Motorcycle Training grounds in Henderson, practicing basic but essential motorcycling skills in our large safe area. The other half of the course finishing as an onroad coaching session. This includes a practice Restricted / Full Licence test course, showing you what to expect in these tests as well as other important information that may make the difference between a pass or fail on the day. :sweatdrop

All types of Motorcycles are welcome (must be Class 6 - larger than 50cc). This is limited to 6 riders per course. :scooter:
(3 spots already gone!)

The course costs $120 per rider for the 5 hours*

3 Hours Carpark Training - Slow Speed Skills

2 Hrs Onroad Coaching / Restricted and Full Licence Test Prep

*Can sometimes go over time due to having too much fun at either the slow speed skills or the Open road segment

"Is this the right course for me?"
Can you say YES to any of these?

- Not confident in your riding?
- Want to improve your Low Speeding Handling Skills?
- Nervous on Roundabouts or U-Turns?
- On a Learner / Restricted and want to prep for your onroad test?
- Have recently acquired a Full License and want to get as much training as possible?
- Want to brush up on your skills prior to upgrading / already have a new Motorcycle?

EMAIL US (info@ridertraining.co.nz) to reserve your spot on our popular course. You MUST have your our road legal motorcycle with appropriate licence to participate