View Full Version : All Bikes Day - 19 Jan 2014, Fram Autolite Dragway

The Reibz
14th January 2014, 10:54
Just seen this event posted up on the Fram Autolite Dragway events list


No information posted on it though. Not even a point of contact. Anyone else got a link or know of any other info?
I can't do this one as I have no WOF and REG. Also working though a few issues with the bike from the last meeting (Clutch and Brakes) def not keen on using my current rotors.

Just chucking it out there though

Supertwin Don
31st December 2014, 10:43

January 18, 2015

Meremere Dragway (easy run from Auckland / Hamilton!)

$40 to race, not sure about gate entry but could be free.

Basic details on Meremere Dragway website

31st December 2014, 21:47
thats the HAMC grudge racing day. i have a poster i could put up but out of town for few days

31st December 2014, 22:04
It's a bloody good day out and the Harley lads don't mind racing whatever. Pay your money, don't he a dick and have an absolute blast.

Supertwin Don
19th January 2015, 11:59
I made an exhibition (arse) of myself on the start line - if anyone caught it on video, I'd love to see it - just to work out what went wrong!

pm me for an e-mail address if you have something.

Thanks in advance

19th January 2015, 12:13
was just going thru my photos - have a couple of you when you hit the ground but not of what went wrong

hope you and the bike are not too damaged

19th January 2015, 15:58
Didn't have camera going Don was expecting a 9.5 pass mate.
Thanks for the use of the ute, sorry we missed you before we left, got to see some pretty amazing bikes there.
Free entry makes a big difference.

Supertwin Don
20th January 2015, 11:24
Mark, I would have been happy with low 11 / high 10 - but you've got to get to the other end to record it!!
Ears are still ringing from wifey's lecture when I got home and told her about it.