View Full Version : Wellington: Lower Hutt CBTA assessments

18th February 2014, 19:17
Hi All,

From Saturday March 1st Two Bald Bikers Motorcycle Training (http://www.twobaldbikers.co.nz) will be offering CBTA Restricted and Full training and assessments. Though you are welcome to book in for an assessment only we do suggest talking to us about a full course, this will give you the best advantage to pass first time.

18th February 2014, 19:45
mods would someone be able to make this a sticky please

18th February 2014, 21:40
Awesome news thanks for the update

18th August 2014, 16:49
Howdy folks, time to get your license sorted for the summer?

15th January 2015, 17:55
Hi all, Two Bald Bikers are available for CBTA assessments on Wallington Anniversary Monday. Limited spaces so get in quick....