View Full Version : Canterbury: CBTA in Canterbury and Christchurch

25th February 2014, 11:50
Hi All just done my final certification ride with NZTA and got approval to run the CBTA assessments for restricted and full licence tests.

Anyone interested in taking the short cut through the licencing system ( from L-R without the 6 months wait and from R-Full at 12 months instead of 18 months) flick me an email info@2drivesafe.com.

Starts from march 1st - though I'm booked up that day.

Initially assessments held in Rangiora, but I will be submitting routes for CHCH by the end of the week.

We will also be running quality training courses and 1 on 1 training coaching you to ride safely and prepare you for the CBTA Restricted or Full Assessment