View Full Version : 1990 GSX250R Tune up

Right Charlie
6th September 2005, 21:36
Any reccomendations for a place to take my beloved?

Just want a tune and a balance of the carbs.

She has a sneeze every now and then if you give her too much guts under 7k.

After an honest mechanic that wont just look at my bikes shitty exterior and assume i only need a shitty job done on the tune.

I Brought the bike cheap and rough and dont see need nor purpose in tidying her up.

5th July 2006, 14:05
dont they rev to 24,000rpm or summin? i want 1!!! sorry i cant be any help mate, change the oil cheange and run in the plugs and the oil filter etc etc and give her the tlc she deserves and as for balancing the carbs take a mechanics cource and ask how to do it (mistake i made is id dint) now i gotta learn

14th February 2011, 22:42
I recon you can do a pretty decent job with a homemade manometer. There are a few videos on youtube showing how to make one. Basically it is just four equal lengths of clear plastic tubes joined at the bottom and filled with two stroke oil. Then mount em on a piece of wood plank. Then attach the ends to the carb vacuum ports and at a fast idle they should be drawing vacuum equally.

I am just too cheap to pay some bloke five hundred dollars to turn a couple of screws and then sit on his arse. But its up to you I guess.