View Full Version : XR250 engine timing?

8th September 2005, 21:57
Got the old xr going again tonight and was running rather rough, sounded like a hairy goat!

Was backfiring heaps off throttle so much so that you could see it out the muffler. Mate thought it could be the timing being out, how do you adjust this if this is the problem (84ish).

What else could cause this, power seemed to come on in a small band as well.

8th September 2005, 22:50
I don't think you can get the ign timing out on an XR250,the triggers are on the crankshaft and fixed,so always fires at the same time - not like an XR200 where the ign is up on the camshaft.But you could have your cam timing out - bung and TDC and firing marks in left case....can't remember about cam marks,you may have to pull the top cover for that - but you can do some basic checks of where the valves are at TDC....