View Full Version : IAM Riding Day on Sunday 30 Nov in Auckland?

27th November 2014, 12:45
I went on a couple of IAM rides quite some time ago in Auckland. I was trying to recall when they where on. I think it was the last Sunday of the month (making it this weekend). Have I remembered correctly?

27th November 2014, 13:10
Correct. Time and location as usual, be there 0930. Best to reply to Geoff announcing your intent to come along, so he can do the provisional planning.

27th November 2014, 15:25

Sorry, we won't be taking non-IAM members this weekend as we will be down on Observer numbers and existing members get priority. Demand has been really strong in recent months and whilst it's great to see riders wanting to raise their skills, it's straining current resources. The waiting list for an assessment ride/joining IAM is currently closed in the Auckland region. It will open again as soon as we have more Associates pass their Advanced Test. There are a reasonable number who are close to doing that and I'd imagine that it will be open again early in the new year. If you're keen to join, could I suggest that you register your interest through the website (http://iam.org.nz/) and we can let you know when the list is going to open again.