View Full Version : NSR 250R powervalves

6th October 2005, 07:27
Having replaced an MC16 engine with an MC18, the powervalves do not seem to be working correctly.

Looking from the right hand side of the bike , the previous powervalve cable configuration was : Bottom cylinder - left hand side of pv to top right hand side of actuator/servo.

Right hand side of pv to top left hand side of actuator/servo.

Top cylinder - lhs of pv to bottom rhs of actuator. rhs of pv to bottom lhs of actuator.

The person working on the bike has reversed the above as the cables would not adjust in their previous configuration.

The valves ssem to be working ok at idle and mid range but do not open fully under full throttle. Anyone got any ideas ?

6th October 2005, 16:05
has it got a throtle position sensor , if so unplug it , turn on the ignition and the valves should fully open , if not adjust the cables till they do
if no tps go to www.nsr-world.com and ask the guys on that forum

7th October 2005, 16:15
come on you shit talking KB'rs someone must know!

cheers deno