View Full Version : Ok I've rebuilt my engine, now to run it in, tell me how?

6th October 2005, 21:40
Ok I've just put a new piston, rings etc, new plug, actually have seals on my exhaust pipe and kicked it over and it runs. It seams to run well, but should I take it easy on the bike for the first hour of running and then go for it?

And will it be low on power untill it all seats itself?

Sorry for the Noob q's.



7th October 2005, 15:51
Have a look at MotoTune (http://mototuneusa.com/thanx.htm) and see what he says about running a bike in.

I used his technique on my XR250 and it seems to have worked very nicely - Pulls far better now in the mid range and on top.
I would like to pull the head off and check the rings to see if there's any blow-by but it's working and not smoking so it's staying together.