View Full Version : Doh, smacked my bitch up - one dented radiator....:(

12th October 2005, 20:47
My bike fell off my trailer and smacked it up bad


Can I pull it out? or just leave it? can you actually get them fixed?



14th October 2005, 20:34
Das ist fooked.

It'll still work, just less efficiently. Unless it leaks, then bin it.

I stand to be corrected, but I don't think you can repair that sort of damage.

19th October 2005, 12:57
just gentally pull them appart(the water ways) with hands use small flathead screwdriver to sraighten fins just DONT crack it or your gonna have to re weld it (aluminum is a real bastard to weld)

21st October 2005, 08:11
I talked to Colemans and they said to call Pukekohe radiators. Only going to cost $100 odd bucks to get fixed up!! Sweet!!! :banana: :kick: :apint: :eyepoke:

21st October 2005, 08:17
try rosebank radiators they do very good work and pick up drop off and get it done in a day or next day good prices to

21st October 2005, 08:32
Sorry to hear your unfortunate ding... hope ya get it fixed soon enough ... happy riding =)

21st October 2005, 08:54
if its a aluminium radiator & only the tanks at either end are dented your best off to just leave it alone unless its leaking. when i was dinged by a car & crunched my body work the thermal coupling for the fan took a nasty hit, i got it checked by a radiator shop & was advised that seeing it was aluminium & wasn't leaking or causing probs just to leave it alone. if the bike has any age to it the aluminium actually gets brittle after prolonged heating & cooling thus any possible repairs can cause more probs than they solve.

29th May 2006, 21:03
If its not too much of a leak, just use radiator stop leak. its a liquid you pour in your radiator and it seals the leaks. you can get it at most gas stations. Ive done it before and it works good.