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1st April 2020, 09:06
'Pandemic' scientist makes breakthrough on Covid-19 cure (https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/checkpoint/audio/2018740956/pandemic-scientist-makes-breakthrough-on-covid-19-cure)

1st April 2020, 10:28
Watched that lastnight. Hope it works!

29th August 2020, 12:16
Here's a treatment that shows promise. More fun than injecting bleach anyway...


29th August 2020, 20:03
Step right up!!!

30th August 2020, 01:33
To (reluctantly) echo Katman's point:

Where is the Cure for the mass Hysteria?

30th August 2020, 14:06
Whoa whoa whoa, back the truck up...

“The foundation of good science is approval by the military” LMFAO
Good science is ANY other scientist in the world being able to reproduce your results with same methods and material.

“I don’t want SARS or Covid in my lab” (as I can’t afford the fees to buy these patented bio warfare weapons), butvyet still managed to make and test antibodies for them????

The Russians already developed a vaccine but the hysterical media said its dangerous and might not be safe while saying all vaccines are safe?????