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diesel pig
20th October 2005, 16:33
Whats the class structureof the Pre 82's up in the north island and more importantly the deal re: wanganui and Pre 82?

Cheers :niceone:

27th October 2005, 20:37
normally all classes run together but with 2 sets of results for juniors up to 600 and seniors for above 600, pretty sure Wanganui is the same format

26th October 2008, 16:36
Rules and class structures as such are the same for all Post Classic racing throughout the entire country and as the NZPCRA Inc is affiliated to Motorcycling New Zealand you will find the rules covering all classes in the MNZ rule book, and also on the NZPCRA Inc wesite:- www.nzpostclassics.org.nz
Anything you or anybody else needs to know about the NZPCRA Inc and its classes only need to contact me at LNK@PARADISE.NET.NZ or 09 4730941 or visit our website. I am President of the committee that does all the work to make to make these classes and happen throughout New Zealand and the information you will receive from me will not be speculation but fact and a lot more accurate than some of the previous rubbish I have seen posted on this website from people who neither belong to our club or race a Post Classic bike.
I look forward to helping you with anything you need to know.


Lindsay Pinker.

27th October 2008, 07:03
Welcome abord Lindsay, I was chatting to you a bit at the MNZ AGM in Nelson

One hint I would give you is to check the dates of the posts you're responding to, Diesel Pig posted that up in 2005 and since then has raced at Wanganui twice :lol:, his best finish was second under 600cc bike home