View Full Version : anyone got a wireing diregram for a CB900

26th October 2005, 21:37
1983 Boldor F2, mine won't charge the battrey, some wireing problem :argh:

26th October 2005, 21:53
did have dude, but have some books stashed that i'll flick through for you. but it sounds if your alternator has thrown a wobbly, check it with a multimeter for ohms in & out resistance, it could just be the brushes have worn out.

Posh Tourer :P
26th October 2005, 21:55
did you look on the manuals online thread?

It is a sticky somewhere.... Search is your friend....

12th November 2005, 09:38
Have a looksee here ol bean- http://www.cb1100f.net/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=685

Bol'dor alternators have carbon brushes. They may be a tad worn. Mind you my Cb750FC2 has done 123,000ks on the originals with lots of life stillin them. Check all the earths especially the one to the engine mount and is the battery in good condition?

12th November 2005, 12:43
Any chance of this tread being tossed in a more appropriate place. Hogs and Cruisers just doesn't seem right somehow..........................:thud: