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Racey Rider
1st November 2005, 18:17
I need to replace the internal clutch basket on the KR150.
Any tips on getting the centre nut off?

The whole thing just wants to spin losely if I put a socket on it.
I have a impact driver to use, and plan to jam inner and outer basket together with chisel as in pic.
any better ideas??

O, and do you thinks it a clockwise thread or anticlockwise?


Next year will be my year!

1st November 2005, 18:48
This should help you Racey :niceone:

the nut is normal thread

curious george
1st November 2005, 20:22
What he said.
Or, engage gear, then use a decent stick between spokes to stop the wheel spinning.

1st November 2005, 20:24
Yep,I use the stick and top gear method....

1st November 2005, 20:54
1/2 drive hammer gun,it won't have a chance.....

1st November 2005, 23:05
the old gear & brace/stick through the wheel trick is a bit hard on the gearbox fellas!, especially if the nut is set solid! doesn't do the clusters much good getting loaded up like that!

F5 Dave
3rd November 2005, 14:31
Those sticky outy bits on both the inner & outer will ping off if you try to wedge them. Loose the chisel!!!!!

The alternative of the top gear thing is to put some ally or hard plastic between the clutch & primary gears. But for this all to work you need to have all the plates in place & spring preload them with the plate. Depending on the pressure plate (ie like yours) it makes it a tad hard to get a socket in there.

So. Old steel plate with a handle welded on, or two plates bolted & ally jam.

Or as Motu sez & by far the easiest; a compressor driven rattle gun will spin it off just nice. Id rather use a holding tool to put it back on, the rattle gun can be a bit of a not enough/way too much affair.

Racey Rider
3rd November 2005, 19:59
Thanks for the replys.
I tried the 'Jam up the back wheel' idea, but didn't like the pressure I was putting on the gearbox. So ended up taking two bikes down to local garage and used their rattel gun to swap over clutch hubs. Was SO easy with the rattle gun. Must get myself one one day.
Can you get them in a electric version?
Cheers. :niceone:

Two Smoker
3rd November 2005, 20:03
Can you get them in a electric version?
Cheers. :niceone:

You can get cordless battery powered ones now... i think Ryobi and Makita do them...

3rd November 2005, 20:24
heat. you can't go past it. the nut was probably loctited on, and heat, plus a rattler, is the only proper way to get it off without breaking it.