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James Deuce
11th November 2005, 17:51
I've just tarted the CB400 up with one of these puppies and it has improved the looks of the bike substantially. In my opinion of course. I had to get the mounting slots that interface with the headlight mounting bolts widened by 1mm, but that was no drama to organise and the screen itself probably took me 30 minutes to assemble and about 5 minutes to install, with the expert help of et al. The "default" blade angle, i.e. where I set it when I stuck it on, directed the noisiest blast of air onto the middle of helmet that I've ever experienced on a bike. I've tilted it back quite substantially, and I'll post more about how that goes. I'm really impressed with the fit and finish, and the ease of installation, plus it has made the bike look like a much "flasher" piece of kit, as well as giving the bike some "presence.

11th November 2005, 19:24
Now get the little twin headlights, give it a wee coat of black paint, get out those black leathers and start practising those rolling burnouts ;)

James Deuce
12th November 2005, 16:58
Update - pictures added as promised. Really happy with it.

12th November 2005, 17:42
I looked at doing the same thing at one stage, then realised shortly after that I actually needed a better bike. I reckon that it looks better than it ever has and goes to show just how well it is now being looked after:niceone:

13th November 2005, 14:21
Looks good!:2thumbsup
Thinking of putting one on the Bandit, might look into the Givi range.

13th November 2005, 19:51
Looking very nice Jim,but you missed the most important bit.
What's it cost mate??

14th November 2005, 13:09
Looks ok. But take that as a compliment from someone who thinks naked bikes should stay completely naked! So do you want to sell it? I wouldnt mind a commuter :D

James Deuce
15th November 2005, 08:32
Back! It's my commuter!

Jackrat, sorry mate, this sounds odd, but I have no idea how much it cost. I bought it on account about 2 months ago and then paid for it, along with a bunch of other stuff, with a mammoth Southern Cross cheque:)

I'll find out.

I've adjusted the fairing to stop the air being delivered into the middle of my visor and defeaning me. It's actualy quite neat to be able to do that, without having to spend money on a new blade or anything silly like that. The net result is a bike that feels smoother to ride, with the upper body buffeting gone, and I have to watch my speed a little closer because I'm used to how the bike feel at certain speeds, without the fairing.

I can go round corners faster too. I can only surmise that having the fairing in my peripheral vision helps me to position the bike in relation to the corner I'm in. I've only had bikes with fairings before, but I'm still surprised to find that this is a factor.

Overall I'll give it an 8/10, the lack of any way to brace the top of the fairing and the poorly affixed fake vent inserts being the two lost points.

Lou Girardin
15th November 2005, 09:29
Looking very nice Jim,but you missed the most important bit.
What's it cost mate??

Retail - $299.00 inc.