View Full Version : balancing carbs

4th December 2005, 21:27
I've balanced heaps of carbs on older bikes but on newer bikes with airboxes that pass over the carbs and make it difficult to reach the adjustment screws is it ok to balance them without the airbox and the filter fitted.
I've just had to do this to a zzr1100, and as far as I can tell once I reassembled everthing it worked ok.
I was surprised that I could even start it without the filter or airbox fitted, in the past some of the bikes I've owned would never even run with open carbs, eg GS1000.

Brian d marge
5th December 2005, 00:47
When setting up carbs on the bench I use a feeler guage. you can get them VERY close with that method
Then assemble everything and tweek with guages, If you do it with out an airbox , the balance wont be as good as with filter , poss higher HG reading? they are designed to be run with a filter so I would .
Mind you worn carbs will never balance ,,,,! ( seen that a few times !!)


6th December 2005, 12:54
Did you know that CV carbs will run at idle without slides? It is amaizing what you dont need hahaha.
Now to the point. Yes both methods are ok as starters but if you tweek the carbs when pushing the airbox on it will upset the balance slightly, not much, but if you restert the bike and listen it will not be quite as smooth (trained ear). Try to buy a angled flexable drive screwdriver. You hold the shaft and twist the handle to turn the tip. It will make your life much easier. What type of balanceing gagues do you use? I like the mercury type over the dials myself.