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6th December 2005, 14:57
After spending a fair whack of money chasing a problem I was having with my pre-ex-up FZR1000, I have finally found what the 'experts' couldn't.

The points in the fuel pump were so worn that the arm was slightly touching the other side of the points support, stopping the two contact points from touching, although intermittent (I assume it was jumping the gap like a spark plug most of the time) the bike still ran, the pump still ticked over when the ignition turned on, but the amount of fuel the pump moved because of the wear meant that the volume of fuel being pumped through was very low.

I discovered the problem by accidentally knocking the power wires to the pump and saw a little waft of smoke come out the end of the pump, I quickly disconnected and pulled the end cover off of the pump and discovered the problem.

Now I have two questions for you guys:
1. does the DIY fuel pump kits from Repco/Supercheap have the volume to feed my thou??
2. I no longer have spark, would the short in the pump be able to feed back through the relay and into the ignition module, thus frying it?? Or is this just coincidental??

Any help would be appreciated, I hate catching the bus of doom!

6th December 2005, 18:11
1. A generic cage electric fuel pump does the job. I got one for $140 - you could probably go better than that.

2. Could possibly have killed the ignition, however check the fuses first.