View Full Version : CBR Valve stem seals??

12th December 2005, 13:22
seen that i have the head off my CBR 250 i thought that i would replace my valve stem seals as the one in there are in unknown condition... but

i need 16 of them and at $16 each its bloody expensive....$256 in total which sounds like absolute rubbish!!!!!!!!!! i have only asked with one shop so far and will DEFINATLY be asking others...

but does this sound farkin rediculous to yous??

a piece of rubber the size of a 5c piece!

argh any help is greatly welcomed

12th December 2005, 13:31
Make your own and see how long it takes on an hourly rate.A bike that size will have very thin stems,so your choices are limited,you can find out what bikes with similar seals cost,then get one and see if it fits yours....until you find one that suits.

12th December 2005, 13:36
sorry i dont understand "make your own" i am putting these in myself.... no paying anyone.... ill look at some ZXR ones see if they fit

12th December 2005, 13:45
i need 16 of them and at $16 each its bloody expensive....$256 in total

Sounds about right.

If you don't mind the delay you might find aftermarket stuff on eBay. I bought a full gasket set (must have had 100 items in it including valve seals) for an old KZ1000 for about half the retail cost of the factory seals alone. Quality was fine.

12th December 2005, 13:59
im not too worried about delay as i dont need the bike to aprill next year... but what ever is cheapest will be the go.... i am really pissed off with mself cause i pulled the seals out before ordering them and finding out how much they cost.... lesson learnt.

12th December 2005, 14:18
It would also be a lesson learnt if you didn't replace the seals and found it losing oil down them.Do it right the first time.By make your own I mean exactly that....how many man hours,at what cost,then what does $16 sound like.Find another bike with the same seals,price them,I'm sure you'll find some obscure model with the same seals.Find someone who does a lot of engine work and see what they have left over - that's what I do with car engines.Often you have to buy seals seperate - open the gasket set and they are missing,you need to procure seperatly,Suzuki are good for this trick....so then I go down to my engine man and fosick around - I have a big box full of seals here,and they always fit nothing.

12th December 2005, 14:32
ok thanks heaps...

i just rang econohonda and enquired... phone was busy will try in a min or two

12th December 2005, 14:35
bugger.... they cant get any.... well they could but at the same price...

12th December 2005, 18:18
Wonder if it is worth taking an old seal (if anyone has a spare) to a seal supplier, like Seal House, and seeing if a standard seal will match. I wouldn't be surprised if you can match them up.
You might have trouble finding an aftermarket gasket kit, as the CBR was a jap market bike, and not widely available.

12th December 2005, 19:48
thats not a silly idea..... will do some enquieries