View Full Version : FXR Engine cutting out...

5th March 2004, 20:56
Yo people, first time poster long time lurker :)

Alright so I bought myself an FXR about 2 and a half months ago and it was going fine except recently the engine has started cutting out pretty frequently. The first time it happened was in fifth just coming onto the motorway for my first time on a bike (great confidence boost :sweatdrop ) but recently it has started happening in other gears and at lower speeds. Looking on the net it seems like a fairly common problem so I was wondering if any of the other FXR riders here have had the problem and whether it had been fixed?


5th March 2004, 22:34
I'm not sure about the cutting out, but mine has lost it's boost when it hits 8.5k rpm. Makes the noise change sure enough but the boost has virtually gone, I suspect my dodgy clutch cabling however.